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Oct 26, 2008 01:57 PM

Girls Lunch

Hey everyone,

My sister's little girl is turning fifteen this year and my sister wants some suggestions on where they should go for a Girls Lunch. There would be 5-10 people coming and we don't want it to be TOO expensive, because we have a budget. We want it to be girly and fun with lots of menu choices for picky eaters, but we also want it to be classic/classy. What do you suggest?

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  1. What cuisines does this group prefer? What neighborhood? And it would be helpful if you would give us a specific per person budget number for food.

    1. Alice's Tea Cup could be really charming (I actually took my best friend there for her 30th birthday for tea and lunch). But it depends on what "picky eaters" means. If seeing that the egg salad sandwich comes with watercress would be too much, then this probably isn't a good option.

      But, the prices are reasonable, the setting is definitely girly, and the scones are delicious!

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        I TOTALLY second Alice's Tea Cup! It is the epitomy of girliness. There are a couple of them so you can probably fine one in a neighborhood that fits your needs.

        1. re: Nikki NYC

          They also have lemonade, too, I think. And depending on what time of day you go, they do brunch food like granola and omelets in addition to the completely delicious tea sandwiches.

          Like teresa says, they have great specials. You can get various combos of scones, sandwiches, cookies and tea for a great price. And it's really lovely (yet very casual - not like going to tea at fancy hotel).

          The original UWS location is my favorite. It's very warm and cozy for this time of year. But, Alice's 3 on the UES is very bright (lots of windows).

          My suggestion would be to call ahead and see which location (there are 3) might best accommodate a party of that size. Alice's 3 might be a bit small if you end up closer to 10pp.

        2. re: piegirl74

          I was going to suggest Alice's Tea Cup as well. I love their scones and their Mad Hatter special. It's so nice to see everything laid out on those tiered plates. Also, they have a very extensive list of teas.