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Oct 26, 2008 12:54 PM

The best hot chocolate

After being inspired to make my own marshmallows thanks to the thread a few days below, I'd love to killer hot chocolate recipes- with/without alcohol, homemade, or the best pre-packaged. I had a prepackaged Lindt hot chocolate last night which was great.

Thank you!

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  1. I buy this stuff, mail order, by the 3-lb canister. I believe it's also available in stores.

    1. My vote is for Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate. It is not sold at retail in the United States---for years I ordered it from Harrod's but now you can order it online from places in the States that import English groceries---just google "Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate". Try it on a snowy night with a shot of rum in it.

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        I just bought some in the "International" aisle at the local Stop and Shop. (I live in Yonkers, NY and we have a decent sized Irish community here). I haven't tried it yet, but it's chilly and I'll be sure to give it a try tonight. Thanks for the tip, Querencia!

        1. re: Querencia

          I second that! We fell in love with Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate while vacationing in Australia. Brought lots back but we are out! We stirred a spoonful into our lattes.. fantastic.

        2. I sneak a pinch of cinnamon and powdered chile in mine. Just a smidge, mind you. You should hardly feel the tingle of hot pepper. Makes the whole warm drink ever so piquant.

          1. A little bit of Nutella spruces up any hot chocolate -- instant, homemade, gourmet, etc.

            1. chop up high quality hi cocoa content chocolate, put in a blender. add drostes or other cocoa powder. pour hot milk on top and blend