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Oct 26, 2008 12:38 PM

Thanksgiving in ABQ or Santa Fe

Suggestions? We like good and rustic cooking. Mid-range (esp if in Santa Fe). Thanks!

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  1. Anyone? C'mon I'm not asking about Thanksgiving at Newark -- !

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    1. re: Silverlaker

      The problem is that most of us folks who live in these places don't eat out on holidays (I managed to pull it off once on Thanksgiving, thirteen years ago, but my wife does prefer to see her family) since we have family and friends here. And, since it doesn't concern us, we don't really know which restaurants do it well.

      Good luck with it. I would suggest that you might research restaurants that interest you based on other posts that have been made on this board, and then start emailing them to see whether they'll be open on Turkey Day.

      cheers, erich

      1. re: Erich

        You may not eat out for holidays, but you might have better access to local advertisements than we do surfing from the web.

        I've been looking for basically the same thing - something not overly high-brow for Thanksgiving dinner.

        1. re: MGC

          Yeah, possibly. I just guess I have tunnel vision and only view ads that target me. :-/ Sorry not to have any info for you.

      2. re: Silverlaker

        The Compound, on Canyon Road in Santa Fe is doing Thanksgiving. Good, good food, historic building.

      3. Sorry, I have been meaning to reply for a few days. We went to the Galisteo Inn for Thanksgiving last year, and we are going again this year. It may be a little more expensive than mid-range, however.
        From my research last year, I recall that the majority of options were hotel restaurants. Sunrise Springs had one of the more interesting menus. A non-hotel and less expensive option was the Zia Diner.
        I haven't seen any restaurant ads for the upcoming Thanksgiving yet, so this info may not be current. Good luck!

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        1. re: jjones21

          jjones -- Tell me more about the Galisteo Inn -- we're not "natives," in town for a few months for business. Is that in Santa Fe? We can do ABQ or Santa fe.

          And by "mid-range", I mean $100-$125, dinner for 2, not including drinks. We like Zia but looking for something a bit more up.


          1. re: Silverlaker

            Galisteo is about 20-30 minutes south of Santa Fe (though not on the way to ABQ), depending on where in town you are. It is south of Eldorado, if that is helpful. It feels futher away than that, however. Very bucolic.

            Here is the restaurant website:
            The menu emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients, much more than most fine dining places in town. I think it would satisfy your rustic requirement, although it's not casual. We really enjoyed it last year. I suspect we would go there fairly regularly if we lived a little closer and had a little more $$$.

            I can't remember what we paid last year. I think it was a prix fixe--maybe $60 or so per person? You can call and ask what they are charging this year.

        2. FYI for those looking for SF Thanksgiving options: the Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo supplement has a few Thanksgiving ads today, and they will likely have more in the next few weeks. To peruse online:

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          1. The Ranchers Club in ABQ @ Hilton is a wonderful restaurant that does holidays well. We had a Christmas dinner there a few years back and we enjoyed it alot.

            Most of the Casinos will be serving dinner. Santa Ana {Corn Maiden or the high end Prairie Star]and Sandia {Bien Shur] both have great restaurants.

            Scalo on Central in Nob Hill is open. Northern Italian, very nice.


            1. Andiamo meets your price and rustic needs. Italian meets home cooking.505-995-9595
              For great margaritas, Maria's.
              Mauka for a fantastic meal, check website for menu.