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Oct 26, 2008 11:58 AM

Using paper towels on cast iron pan

Every time I use paper towels to wipe down my cast iron with oil the paper towel leaves flakes all over the pan, which then stick to the oil. Should I be using something else when applying oil? Or am I just buying low quality paper towels?

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  1. I use Bounty paper towels and have never seen what you are describing. Hard to believe, though, that the brand of towel can be the difference. I usually pour in a teaspoon or so of oil and then wipe rather than put the oil on the towel. Could it be there's still a bit of food stuck to your pan? or that it isn't sufficiently well seasoned yet? My pans are so well seasoned now that they rarely require more than a sponge to get them clean. But if they're really gunky with bits of food, I use a wok brush on them. Works great and doesn't disturb the seasoning.

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      Well, I pretty much do the same as you. Pour the oil in and give a quick wipe with paper towel. However, after heating the pan I also then use some paper towel to remove any excess oil and this is usually when the paper starts flaking. Pan is seasoned pretty well although a bit uneven (mostly shiny along with a few small areas that still look unseasoned).

      Wondering if anyone else has this problem. Thanks.

    2. I've seen the same thing, and I KNOW I'm using real cheap paper towels. I'd guess that's your problem, and how hard you're rubbing...

      1. Echo on the Bounty paper towels; no lint left behind. They're also good on mirrors and computer screens, too. No, I do not work for Procter & Gamble. (Or whoever makes Bounty)

        1. Have never seen this (I just wiped out a pan with a Viva paper towel as a test). Maybe it is the towel. Could be your brand comes apart with oil on it. There could also be small bits of food stuck to the pan. However, I've never had to season my pans after the initial preparation. No rust, no problem even in rainy weather. After washing, I just heat it on the burner for a short while to dry it.

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            I second that, after the initial seasoning (and the newer Lodge pans come pre-seasoned) I have never re-oiled them. They are in perfect shape, the best non-stick pan I'll ever buy.
            (I have 14 or 15 cast iron pans in various shapes and sizes, one or two of them get used just about every day.)


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              My favorite paper towel, by far, is Viva. I think it's more than worth the extra cost. (Good prices at Target, tho.)

            2. Is the paper towel sticking to any sort of residue on the pan? Perhaps you need to scrub it well with salt and oil to even things out. Or run it through the self-clean cycle of your oven (if it has one) and re-season from the start.