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Oct 26, 2008 11:44 AM

Best Lentil Soup in TO?

The version at Tabule is the best I have found so far. Which lentil soups do you like the most?

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    1. re: acd123

      I second this! I saw the posting and immediately thought of mashu mashu. Even better with a squeeze of lemon. Coupled with a side of their glorious beets and you have a super meal.

          1. re: MeMeMe

            Thanks MeMeMe. Look forward to trying it out soon!

            1. re: phoenikia

              If you're ever North on Bayview, Shoom Shoom has yummy lentil soup. They are a sister restaurant to Mashu Mashu, so not surprising.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                Thanks TorontoJo! Chances are that I'll be closer to Shoom Shoom than Mashu Mashu this week-thanks for mentioning the connection between the 2 restaurants!

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  Shoom Shoom is not a 'sister restaurant' to Mashu Mashu. Shoom Shoom is a completely independent restaurant with no affiliation to any other restaurant.

                  Mashu Mashu
                  387 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5P, CA

          2. re: MeMeMe

            Mashu Mashu's lentil soup is great. So is the one at Tabule on Yonge (halfway btwn Davisville and Eglinton).

        1. Jerusalem on Eglinton West Toronto

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          1. re: Finnegan

            Most middle-Eastern restos in town do a creditable lentil soup - it's a simple recipe that's hard to louse up - but I find, like acd123, that Mashu Mashu's version at $3.99 a bowl is somewhat more flavorful. The rest of the standard middle Eastern menu, though a tad more expensive than most of its competitors (I guess you have to pay for the Forest Hill setting), is also executed with more finesse than most of the joints along Eglinton Ave. W., off north Bathurst St., and along Steeles Ave. W.

            1. re: Finnegan

              Go across the street to Halleluia. Ten times better than jerusalem.

              1. re: canadianbeaver

                Halleluia has a place in Thornhill too, called Yummy Grill. I don't know if they have the same soup.
                there are so many of these "Mediterranean grills" now (Me Va Me, Meron, Sofra, etc etc) with the same menu etc, I'd be curious to see how people rank them. They all seem about the same to me...

                1. re: fleisch

                  I think Yummy Grill is like a fast-food, lesser version of Halleluia. Halleluia is amazing. For real.

            2. My husband would definitely second Jerusalem on Eglinton!

              1. Looks like I have to head to Eglinton W or Forest Hill;) Thanks for all the suggestions!

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