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Oct 26, 2008 11:23 AM

Cafe du Lac? Or that Fr.Cdn place on Lakeshore W.

What's the name of that newish place on the Lakeshore west in Etobicoke? I remember something being written about it in Burbchomp a while ago.
It's French Cdn cuisine, oui? ( hee hee)
Has anyone been there? is it good? what's the menu like?
Reviews? Thoughts?

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  1. It's been discussed alot before, Cafe du Lac is the right name I think

    I heard they make a good poutine, but I don't think its the kind of place that does take-out so I've never been there

      1. Have been twice now and was very pleased both times.

        It is a very small space with a great vibe. Both times went on a Friday. Made reservations on the same day and had no problems getting in but am glad that we made the reservations cause the small place was packed,

        Both times I had fish dishes, the first night was the salmon that was excellent, the second time it was a blacken cod special, good but the salmon was better.

        Tried the poutine one the first visit, split between two people. It was excellent but the portion was way too big. The second visit was during Lakeshorelicious which my bf ordered off that menu. Came with poutine as an app but it was a much more reasonable size. I wish the one on their menu came in the smaller portion for a little bit cheaper. Probably won't order the one off the menu again as it was just too big and I hate wasting.

        I would probably rate this restaurant a solid 8. Service is not perfect but they do try hard. I really hope that this restaurant is successful and is able to attract more restaurants of its type to the hood.

        1. For the poutine lovers out there, this one is served with a cream sauce rather than gravy. So if you order it, be prepared for a very non-traditional version. I'm a bit of a poutine traditionalist myself, so the cream sauce was a little odd.

          1. The original comment has been removed