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Oct 26, 2008 10:46 AM

hey hey avenue j

so my gf moved to midwood and last night, having a mutual craving for sushi, we braved the rain and headed to avenue J with her roommate. admittedly, i have never had kosher sushi but if my experience at estihana indicates what i should expect, i never want to have it again. miso soup resembled miso soup only thanks to a few cubes of tofu. in lieu of tempura flakes, there were what appeared to be rice crispies sprinkled over one of our rolls. the fish was...well edible and we are all fine today. since the menu appeared to be more pan-asian than anything, i regret not ordering the argentine beef even though i am not sure if what i just said makes sense. perhaps if we were not so hungry we could have read the signs and been forewarned: the salt and pepper shakers on the table, a french fry and spaghetti option on the menu, the odd assortment of italian/french poster art on the walls... nonetheless, i guess the whole night proved to be a special -- if not rare ny experience. has anybody been to this spot? does anybody have any other food recommendations in this hood beyond difaras? i am not at all unfamiliar with kosher food but i guess that i should say that i am more familiar with good kosher food. what's the word? where oh where should we eat?

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  1. while not setting any culinary fires, cafe k (on ave. k between coney island avenue and east 12th street) serves up decent food. we live nearby and tho we do not keep kosher, often go there for a very decent and very affordable grilled salmon fillet with israeli salad and rice or potatos. they make a nice salad also. it's big with the younger hip crowd (of which we are not). fresh well-grilled fish. (they also serve sushi there but i have never tried it.
    of course, olympic pita is often spoken about on these boards.

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      1. There are plenty of hounds that would kill to be in your location. You are aware that DiFara is on Avenue J....

        1. You live pretty close to a striving Sylheti Bangladeshi community along Church Avenue near McDonald which has one restaurant of note (but the name slips my mind.) There's also a Pakistani stretch which is closer, but I haven't gone through much of it. There's a notable ice place over next to the Bengali part too.

          1. Taci Betyi (CIA & Ave. P) - maybe a 5 minute ride on the B68 (CIA bus) from Avenue J.

            On CIA there are myriad Turkish kabab places between Avenue J and Z, they popped up the way cheap sushi places did in other ‘hoods (And I’m sure you can find the cheap sushi joints as well). The only other Turkish kabab place I tried is Sahara (CIA between T & U), which was fine.

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              We live in Ditmas Park, walk to Ave J a lot. Between here and there are:
              * A great little gyro takeout spot recently opened on Foster and CIA. Sorry, forget name but we're eating their food once a week.
              * Fisherman's Cove in Newkirk Plaza has great jerk chicken
              * Pomme de Terre on Newkirk Ave is good bistro French, very pretty
              * There's a new Mexican health food/sandwich joint on Ave. H and E. 15. Very comfortable, if plain, place.
              * Famous Pita at Newkirk and CIA.
              * There are some interesting-looking Russian places on Kings Hwy and nearby CIA that we haven't tried yet. Adelman's deli and Memo Turkish are there, too. But that's certainly a bit far to walk from J. And if you're driving or training, might as well go to Ave. U, where there are some really good choices within a few blocks of the B & Q trains. Besides Di Fara, there's really no place worth eating on Ave. J. Good bakeries, though, and some fair--not great--take-out kosher delis.