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Oct 26, 2008 10:27 AM

Anyone been to the Stampede Casino venues?

Curious. They places look okay on paper...

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  1. That's what i thought too. However, they are much better on paper. Been to two of the three. That was enough that I have no real interest in going back, unless at the casino already and desperate.

    1. I'm a bit embarassed to report this, but my husband (whose tastes are slighly different than mine ...) dragged me into the Friday night "beef buffet" at the casino on our way to a recent Flames game. It was passable, but certainly not a destination I'd return to.

      1. Went to one of the places shortly after it opened. Don't know the name; it's pretty much straight across the casino floor from the entrance; it served upscale-ified pub food.

        Pretty entirely forgettable. Dismal service, passable if overpriced food. Not planning on going back.