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Oct 26, 2008 10:11 AM

Central MA chowdrive

Made the drive up to Barre to pick up my order of grass-finished beef from Caledonia Farms. This was the last farmers' market of the season and as such was a slightly cold and sparse affair, with just a few stalls open. In addition to a nearly 7-lb brisket, we got some tenderloin and stew beef from Dave Petrovick of Caledonia, a half-peck of apples and some cider from Allen's Cider Mill (the Jonagolds are spectacular, the cider clear and tangy), and some heritage pork sausage from Blood Farms in West Groton. Caledonia will do one more run into the Boston area in December, mainly beef (they deliver in Newton). Caledonia was sadly out of eggs this time, but the brisket is spectacular looking, and will make a fine treat in the smoker next weekend.

On the way home we stopped in Worcester to poke around Lebanese and Syrian bakeries. I'd posted here a while back looking for sfiha and got a pointer to Worcester, though not locations in the city, and got lucky with George's Bakery on Rte 122. Purchased: two ground beef and pine nut sfiha, two beef and tomato sfiha, baklava, in-store branded pita (that certainly tastes fresh baked), store-made hummus, and cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice. Really, really, really good. I'll be hitting the various watertown stores this week for a reference taste against George's, but my wife certainly felt this was the first time she got the tastes she remembered from the Brazilian lebanese community that she was looking for in the US. If you find yourself out there, give it a shot.

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  1. I think I've actually bought George's pita at Philbrick's Market in Portsmouth, NH, maybe even in Watertown....

    1. Yeah, George's was our Friday night dinner, love their food! My wife usually picks up their pita at a gas station in Whitinsville, but if she's in Worcester she gets the full monty! (food-wise, that is)

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        Bahan on Pleasant St. has excellent Middle Eastern delights including Dodoni Feta, great olives, and pastries. No more cracker bread though.

      2. In Watertown we favour Sevan.