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Oct 26, 2008 09:38 AM

Mistaan Sweets and Catering – review + pics

Hopefully tp24 and Suresh and chime in here, as my knowledge is quite limited on this topic, but I wanted to get a thread started on Mistaan Sweets and Catering. Located in Scarborough near McNicoll and the 404 on the side of a commercial strip mall (tricky to find so mark down the address, as they don’t have a store front on McNicoll), this hidden gem has exceptionally tasty food. Though originally in search of a tasty naan, and good Indian food, I was pleasantly surprised by the Ras Malai.

We called ahead to get take-out, and over the phone, the service appeared to be less than stellar. When we got to Mistaan though, the gentleman there just appeared to be exceptionally shy and not at all rude, which I guess we misinterpreted over the phone (we were only worried due to comments on the board about the service. And the fact that we were hung up on...). All the food was ready and packed for us upon our arrival. We ordered the following:

Lamb rogan josh $6.50
1 naan $1.25
1 aloo paratha $2.50
1 ras malai $1.25

Ras malai:
Ras Malai Inside:
Sweets Bar:
Aloo Paratha:
Lamb Rogan Josh:

The alu paratha was the only disappointment, just because there wasn’t much filling (compared to other places that I have tried), and was not much better than the naan. The naan is an absolute steal. It was a bit soggy and chewy when I picked it up, but I blame it on the trapped condensation from sitting too long in the tin foil before consumption. It was very nicely charred though, and bubbly - I can only imagine the texture when it is first fired up. I will try it again and try to eat it right away. The lamb was tender, yet was not ‘over stewed’ to the point of falling apart. It still had good texture, and the spicing was at a perfect level for me. A touch oily, but I have come to expect this when having Indian food. The ras malai was the true revelation. I had always been a fan of paneer, and this unique cheese flavour was incorporated so well into this dessert. The clotted cream was quite rich, yet liquidy, and very sweet. You can smell the scent of roses in the liquid, and perhaps a tint of cardamom (?) – though I am not 100% sure. I will definitely have another order of this on my next visit. Fantastic in texture, due to the sponginess of the cheese, and the sweetness was very satisfying. I loved the sourness of the cheese being offset by the sweetness of the cream; it created a unique taste sensation.

Overall, the food was very solid and gave me exactly what I wanted. It was basic, hearty and had a very basic/homecooked feel to it. Nothing fancy. Such amazing prices for such a stellar take-out meal (IMO). I was very satisfied upon finishing my meal and cannot wait to return. Thank you so much to tp24 and Suresh for the recommendation. It is very near my home, and the food really hits the spot. Great comfort food at very reasonable prices.


Cheers and Happy Eating!

460 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto (ON) M2H-2E1, Canada Ph. 416-498-1665 / 416-502-2737

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  1. Great report,
    Now that you've liked the rasmalai, on your next visit, try the gulab jamun. I find that the jamun is easier to eat (but tends to be sweeter depending on the rose water). Also the jamun is something you could have at both room temperature and fresh out of the fridge. Obviously warm and fresh is best.
    Rasmalai has to be fresh to be enjoyed IMO. If it's fresh, it will taste the way you described, otherwise, it's like trying to bite into a tasteless ball of hard sponge.

    the Lamb biryani at mistaan from what I remember used to be divine, with rice that wasn't too moist, and big chunks of meat.

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    1. re: Suresh

      Thanks Suresh. I will try the gulab jamun next time then. I am always on the lookout for a good biryani, and I love lamb/mutton. I will try it - because I do not like it when the rice is too moist. Hope it is still good!

      Thanks again for the rec. I really enjoyed my visit.

      1. re: Suresh

        Went back for the gulab jamun a while back. This was definitely one of the better ones I have sampled, but I still don't think I am a huge fan of it. I am reminded of a syrup soaked Timbit. This one had a great texture though - held up well in the syrup and didn't become soggy. I enjoyed it and was happy I tried it. I prefer the rasmalai though, but you are right about the stale ones tasting like a sponge. I didn't finish my order and left it for a day and it was inedible. Thanks for the rec earlier about the samosas. I enjoyed their version a touch better than Samosa King, but it still had the wonton wrapper as a casing (which is not my preference).

        Gulab Jamun:
        Samosa inside:


      2. Weeeeee! Great review BokChoi! Glad you enjoyed it! Did you not try the samosas!?! I find their samosas to be the best in town (imho). Anyway, fantastic review and great pics. Mistaan is too far for me these days, but I look forward to going there again someday!

        -Foodhogger (blog in my profile)

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        1. re: tp24

          tp24 - I did indeed try the samosas. I did enjoy them very much, but I did find them to be very similar to the style of Samosa King - thick wonton-style wrappers. I think I prefer something different. I went back to Mistaan recently actually - had the daal and the Palak paneer. I would say I enjoyed it, but I did not think those dishes were particularly strong. I had a wonderful meal at Mt Everest on Bloor recently (at Spandina) and enjoyed their rendition much better. But it was twice the price to be fair.

          Thanks for the rec!

        2. Hey BokChoi...I always read your posts with interest and was surprised to see you also liked Mistaan. I just wanted to put in my recommendations as I am a regular there and have recommended this place to so many of our friends. Next time you are there try their Rasgullas......I am from India and I havent had such good ones even in India! Also, their Chana Naan is very good....chick pea curry with naan. Rasmalai is of course out of this world. Enjoy!

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          1. re: tanya1

            Ahh too bad I did not read your response until now - I had went on last Wednesday for a fix and did not ask for the Rasgullas. I must try them on my next visit. The special naan sounds great - I had another one of their stuffed naans another time and found the stuffing to be quite thin ( I believe it was the Alu Paratha) and not too tasty. I will give yours a try.

            Thanks for the suggestion tanya1. Much appreciated!