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Oct 26, 2008 09:38 AM

Black and White Cookie

I can't find a decent one anymore. It is supposed to be a cakey cookie not cake, it is supposed to have vanilla and chocolate glaze, not frosting. I would love it if someone could give me ideas in the Bronx, or Midtown, but any suggestions will be considered

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  1. Several threads on this. My list order (1) Wm. Greenberg's; (2) Pick-a-bagel; (3) Zabar's (used to be dead last but has improved); (4) Hot and Crusty (when fresh). Moishe's? For a nostalgia trip but insufficient turnover to keep them fresh.

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    1. Moishe's (115 2nd Avenue) has never let me down, and if you're in Queens, Parisi Bros. in Astoria makes a great B&W cookie.

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        Thanks, I get to Astoria pretty often, but haven't tried any bakeries. I used to be able to get good B&W in most bakeries, but not anymore. I can't stand to see them wrapped in plastic wrap in a bakery. Makes me think the whole lot of their products are not baked often.

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          Moishe's and Xaro's at grand central, their stuff is always FRESH!

      2. Entenmann's...Just finished one

        1. Part of what you described is a half moon cookie, which is generally found in upstate NY. I had an argument with someone once about whether they should be called B&Ws or half moons and then I finally saw a half moon and realized the two are different. B&Ws are cakey (white/vanilla) cookies and glazed as you said, and then half moons are more cake-like and can have either a white or chocolate cake base, and frosting. I hope you haven't found too many half moon types in the NYC area...hopefully that type isn't infiltrating down here too much!

          1. The best I ever had was at College Bakery on Court Street in Brooklyn. Alas, they've been closed several years.

            I had one about as good from a vendor at the Greenmarket in Zuccotti Park in the Financial Distirct. But I'm rarely in the area when the greenmarket is on and the last couple of times that I was, I couldn't find the vendor.