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Oct 26, 2008 08:35 AM

Besides Harrow's, anywhere to get a good pot pie?

We got one from Harrow's last week and were really disappointed --probably 4 oz. of chicken in the whole large pie and very few veggies --pretty much just crust & gravy which were tasty but we were starving after waiting for it to cook for an hour and a half! We are looking to dine in, not out for this...any suggestions?

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  1. Saridt noticed that you have responded to a few North Shore posts so i am assuming you are from that side of the City. If you get to Gloucester try Ned's for homemade chicken pie. Had one last weekend and returned this weekend to stock my freezer. Chock full of meat, diced potatoes, carrots, well seasoned and flaky crust. Either 10 or 12.95. I would suggest cooking for only 20-22 min ( not 25-28) as I overdid the timing to 28min and dried it out a bit. delish.

    1. I agree with you completely - Harrow's used to include a sit-down restaurant which had very good chicken dishes and biscuits, but I am not going near a pot pie that does not have carrots, peas, and onion in with those potatoes. That said, I think Boston Market has a very good pot pie, and the Marie Callender's frozen supermarket ones are also worth the oven wait. I do not use much salt so like most prepared foods, these taste salty to me - they probably don't to those who are used to normal salt levels. It's been many years since I had a KFC pot pie but I remember liking the flavor and the flaky crust, although it lacked vegetables and the white sauce was glutinous.

      1. Henry's Market in Beverly has great chicken pot pie. Harrow's is nothing like it used to be, I grew up nearby, and we had them often, although I would'nt touch them now. I hav'nt tried Ned's but everything is so good I'm sure the chicken pie is as well.

        1. Just remembered - I've seen them at Costco, storemade and refrigerated, to be home-baked. They are in a circular pan, probably 12" or more across. I didn't look at ingredients but assume they use their own rotisserie chicken, as with their store-made chicken soup. That's very good chicken, and the soup is loaded with meat so I expect the pot pie is generously filled as well. Anyone try it?

          1. Not sure if they still carry them but Star Market carried Willow Tree Farm chicken pot pie. I think it was only chicken and gravy but they were quite good. I don't shop there anymore but I assume they, as well a other local markets, still have them.