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Oct 26, 2008 07:29 AM

Food Detectives - Food Network

I watched the first 2 episodes, what a waste of air time, I think FN is getting away from programs that teach techniques on food prep and cooking. One of my favs is America's Test Kitchen on PBS.

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  1. >>I think FN is getting away from programs that teach techniques on food prep and cooking

    That ship sailed at least two years ago.

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    1. re: dolores

      And it has for me, I don't watch much in the evening anymore. I still like Tyler's Ultimate and old re-runs of Good Eats, at least you can still pick up some tips and techniques from them.

    2. I hate this show. I had semi-high hopes when I saw the previews, thinking it might be like Myth Busters, but with food. Sadly, it doesn't come even remotely close to Myth Busters, and most of the "mysteries" they've addressed have already been covered by MB or Good Eats. At least Alton and his band of "actors" know they're bad and are appropriately tongue-in-cheek, the "food techs" on Food Detectives are some of the worst actors pretending not to be acting I've ever seen.

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      1. re: mpjmph

        I hated the show too and found Ted Allen's yelling into the camera really annoying.

      2. I actually turn the show off. It is the worst show I have seen on FN for a while.

        1. As noted, that ship has been sailing but I still enjoy Good Eats (older episodes are better) and Iron Chef.

          America's Test Kitchen is fantastic.

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          1. re: yankeefan

            I love America's Test Kitchen too, though I think Christopher Kimball sounds a bit like a jerk sometimes.

            I'm unhappy with Food Detectives as well. I like Ted Allen and had high hopes for this show, but its sterile, unappealling, and feels forced most of the time. The show has this "we're trying to be cool, but we just don't get it" vibe. I'd much rather just watch Ted Allen explain the concepts without yelling at me followed by showing off some recipes and cooking skills.

            1. re: shan

              I was in the airport getting on the plane with Christopher Kimball, he's pretty down to earth, though I must agree, he sounds to be a bit uppity on the program but, I think it's more his Boston accent. It's a great program, I also like the equipment corner comparsions they do.

              1. re: cstr

                The accent doesn't bother me, my husband's family is from that part of the country. It's actually more the occasional snide/snarky comments he makes to the chefs while they are cooking (Bridget and Julia) that ruffles my feathers.

                That said, I love the show and think its probably the best cooking show on tv and I also like the equipment corner and the tasting lab.

                1. re: shan

                  I have never thought him arrogant or anything like that. I know some people are annoyed by his relentless provincialism in Cook's Illustrated, but I don't usually read his editor's note anyway. I always thought it was more the chefs on the show who seemed kind of angry and unfriendly.

          2. The show sucks. I like Ted Allen but this is a gimmick that is a waste of time and not educational at all.