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Oct 26, 2008 07:23 AM

Place to take a date near Lakewood

Other than Ocean 656 in Deal, is there anyplace nice to go eat not too far of a drive from Lakewood? Preferably something dairy

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  1. The only places that are dairy in Deal are Chocolate Soda, Back to Nature, and Mazzanobeh. Chocolate Soda is diner style, and not a place for a date. Mazzanobeh has fish and pasta on their menu but is casual and more of a lunch place for salads. Back to Nature is in Allenhurst (literally 10 steps from Deal) and is a dairy place that has fish, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. I wouldn't call it fancy, but the food is good. Thursday nights and Sunday nights are the busiest- so I would avoid those nights because the place can get noisy.

    It's also not terribly expensive (fish is about $22-$25, pasta about $15-$18 and salads about $10-$13)

    They also have a restaurant in Brooklyn with almost the exact same menu. The Brooklyn location has a larger menu.

    Friends of mine have been to Ocean 656 and they liked it- they said it was very expensive.

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      Manalapan has a couple of places, not sure if they are nice enough. You could drive a bit further South and do Central Jersey. Check out Shamash.

    2. I would second Back to Nature on a quiet night. Manalapan pizza is not really a date place. There is a parve/dairy restaurant called Tastebuds in Howell (outside of Lakewood). Never been there, maybe someone else can comment.

      1. The full JSOR list can be viewed here:

        I would recommend that you try Ice Cafe, which IIRC belongs to and is run by the former cook from Mazanobeh.