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Oct 26, 2008 06:39 AM

Waring Pro or Cadco Convection oven?

This is the same question as my other post, but maybe it will catch someone's attention better? Which convection oven would you recommend? Thank you for your time and help. mary

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  1. Waring Pro has been fine for me. I use it instead of the range oven for small to normal fare. It will come up to 500 F in a few minutes, and I like the manual controls, although the settings are difficult to read in dim light.
    The Cadco appears to be built for day long use by professionals, but the operation seems to be similar. The Waring is built good enough for daily home use.

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    1. re: jayt90

      Thank you so much for your reply. I was worried after reading one bad review on Amazon. Have you baked bread in it, or cookies? Is it safe to set up under an overhead cabinet, or does it get too hot for that? I appreciate your help, thanks!

      1. re: marycarol

        I have done lots of loaves, always golden brown and crispy. The Waring is also very good for proofing, as the low temperatures are accurate. I haven't done cookies or cakes,
        Like any convection oven, there is a slight tendency to a hot spot if one food side is too close to the fan, a normal precaution.
        Koshered roast chicken, 450 F for 50 minutes is just about perfect.

        My oven has lots of clearance on all sides, so I turned it on and checked where the heat was going: All that I could feel came out from the glass door. The sides and top are probably insulated, and will keep heat from escaping. You could check with Waring on proper top clearance. My instruction book is now long gone, as the unit is two years old, and has been quite successful in my kitchen.

        1. re: jayt90

          Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I am happy to hear you use this oven a lot, and that it is so versitle. I hope you don't mind more questions? Have you used the roitisserie? Is it hard to clean the oven afterwards? It sounds as tho you could do everything in this oven, you could in a conventional oven, but more (roitisserie). I only have a GE Advantium (cannot put in metal, only glass, and only cooks at high speed), put in by previous owners, and the kitchen is too small to take out of cabinet to install one. I would put this in the attatched garage, on a counter, next to the kitchen. It would be nice to have a second oven, and a more conventional one, that I miss. Thanks again! mary

          1. re: marycarol

            The rotisserie works well, but spatters so I clean up with a stainless steel cleaner. There is no convection fan with rotisserie or broil. Broiling is adequate for browning, or for light foods like chicken or fish, but would never work for steak.
            I think you'll enjoy this unit as an accessory oven, given the limitations of Advantium.

      2. re: jayt90

        I was just wondering if the Waring pro convection oven will toast bread?
        i cannot seem to find any info on this feature?

        1. re: ryanwhite

          It is a bit large, but should work, though not very efficiently. Much better for turning a baguette into garlic bread.

        2. re: jayt90

          Hi jayt90 - do you use a Waring Pro 0.9 cubic foot or a 1.5 cubic foot model? Is it still holding together well? Thanks!

          1. re: bugmenot

            I use the .9 cu foot model. It is very good for a small household and has held up well.
            It will do a 12" pizza or a small turkey/large roast chicken easily.
            The 1.5 cu foot model will take slightly longer to reach a temperature, and may not be good as a simple toaster, but otherwise a good choice for larger households.

            1. re: jayt90

              Great thread!

              Thanks for all the info on the Waring Pro jayt90. I remmember you from the other thread.

              Seems like the Waring Pro is a good alternative, if you dont have the dough for a Cadco.

              1. re: EscapeVelocity

                Yeah, thank you jayt90!

                We really need to find someone with the Waring Pro 1.5 cu foot model, to hear how that one is. There are only a few reviews online. Anyone on chowhound own one?

        3. My wife uses 3 (!) Cadco Convection ovens in her gluten free bakery.
          I asked her for problems, great customer service from the distributor.
          She feels they are very very sturdy built in Europe.