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best marshmallows in Boston?

whole foods took over Tiny Trapeze - and then they got rid of the Tiny Trapeze marshmallows and the WF replacment is no comparison. who sells the best marshmallows in the Boston area? or even on line?

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  1. That's funny because I bought the whole foods marshmallows last night for my halloween party and everyone loved them. I bought chocolate chip marshmallows. I liked the tiny trapeze ones too. Whole is strange like that. They carry a product like dancing deer or Rosies bakery and then they copy their exact same product and dump dancing deer. I find it a bit unethical.

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      The Whole Foods CEO is as ruthless as any ... http://www.thenation.com/doc/20070910...

      But you already knew that when you agreed to pay $4/lb. for apples.

    2. South End Formaggio sells some deluxe marshmallows; I can't recall if they're French or Italian, but they're pretty fine, in assorted pale pastel colors.

      1. There's a hot thread on making your own with lots of suggestions if you're interested!

        1. Centrio in Newton Highlands makes their own marshmallows. A bit pricey, but very good.

          1. ON Salem street in the North End there is a candy shop (names escapes me right now) that usually sells some at Christmas. They are holiday shapes and designs.
            Not sure these are the best but they are very cute.

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              Are you thinking of Dairy Fresh? They closed earlier this year.

            2. I liked the marshmellows at Aroa in the south end- I think they make them there, and they have lots of flavors.

              1. The best Marshmallows anywhere are made by you. Try Martha Stewart's recipe in her Everyday cookbook. I am not a gourmet or even trained. It is easy. They are THE BEST. you will never be satisfied with anything you buy again. (BTW they must sit overnight so if you want them for tomorrow -- sorry!)

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                  Williams Sonoma had some very good and very expensive marshmallows. But, maybe just around Christmas time ?(hot chocolate tie-in)

                2. The marshmallows at Canto 6 on Washington Street are the best marshmallows ever. They are not making them yet, but I think they said mid-November. Paired with their hot chocolate I am a happy lady.