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Oct 26, 2008 03:45 AM

Madrid - Sunday Birthday Dinner?

I'm traveling with a friend to Madrid, arriving Friday night (11/7) and leaving first thing Monday morning (11/10). Her birthday is on Sunday and I am having the hardest time finding a restaurant for her birthday dinner. Not only is it a Sunday, but it is also a holiday (Dia de la Virgen de la Almudena). Searching the board and the net, it looks like these are open on Sundays, but I'm unsure about holidays. Does anyone have comments on these places, or other suggestions?

El Paraguas - Calle de Jorge Juan
Casa Lucio - Calle Cava Baja
Botin - Calle de los Cuchilleros

I have no idea where we are staying as my friend is in charge of figuring that out. I think close to the major tourist sites though. One concern of hers was safety since one of her coworkers was mugged in Madrid. Are any of these restaurants in a sketchy neighborhood?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Casa Lucio is in La Latina, which is jumping all day on Sunday...there's a market there during the morning/afternoon, the Rastro. I think Casa Lucio is famous for its egg dishes ... fried eggs and chorizo or something. If you go, you should go to the neighborhood earlier (La Latina metro) and pop into a few wine bars first. You can also have a drink outside somewhere or on the terrace at El Viajero, a bit more pricier than other places around, but it has a great view. Dinner hour isn't until much later here in Madrid. And I would either call or stop by earlier to try to make a reservation, because it's very popular. I think that would be the most fun area to go to on a Sunday night. Buen provecho!

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      Your recommendation to make a resrvation slipped my mind and we (along with a line of people waiting for Casa Lucio to open) were turned away. We ended up following some locals to an establishment across the street that was pretty good, but had the worst service we experienced in Madrid. The waitress was plain rude and had no patience at all for my minimal Spanish.