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Counter Top Kitchen Appliances?

I'm curious about the rest of you. I think I have enough counter top kitchen appliances to stock a small store. Or maybe even not all that small. I haven't looked in all of the nooks and crannies in my kitchen and garage, but a conservative guesstimate is that I have about 25 such critters. I'm in serious need of more linear feet of counters!

So I'm curious, how many do you have? The only criteria is that they have to run on electricity to count. Batteries count too.

Next question: Which one do you use most? Mine is my superautomatic espresso machine by a country mile!

Then which is your least used appliance? Mine is absolutely my pasta machine. I don't think it's been out fo the box for at least three decades. The big question is why do I still have it? The answer is because I am an anal retentive pack rat! Obviously!

So how many do you have? Which do you love and use most. Which do you use least and why do you still have it?

Oh, and a final question: Is there any CTKA you really want? I think I want an emersion blender,, but I want a cordless one with tons of power. I gave my last one away for wimpiness. So how about you?

EDIT! I almost forgot! Which ones do you actually keep on your counter all the time? I keep my coffee machine, toaster, electric can opener, reamer/juicer, stand mixer and food processsor. <sigh> Why am I so lazy?

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  1. I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, espresso machine ( and a number of other coffee paraphernalia) ,toaster, sandwich press, and a rice cooker. I have an immersion blender but I keep it in a drawer.

    The most used is the espresso machine and the toaster.

    The appliance I really want is the Sumeet Asia Kitchen Machine (which an Indian food processor designed to grind spices and make spice pastes).

    1. I currently have three that stay on the counter at all times.
      Cuisinart grinder brewer
      Rice pot

      It's a toss up as to whether the rice cooker or the coffee pot gets the most use.

      In the cupboard for moderate use:
      Three different blenders - light to heavy duty
      Bread machine
      Slow cooker - (used only for Korean/Chinese herbal medicines)
      Food Saver

      That's about it.

      1. Coffee maker
        Rice cooker
        Toaster oven
        Hot water pot

        1. VitaMix for smoothies, sauces, blended soups, hot sauce, mixing stuff, and grinding our own gf flours.

          Champion Juicer mainly for carrot juice since I married a man with a Vitamix (used regularly for smoothly when I was single).

          A small coffee/spice grinder (we don't drink coffee) for spices, small batches of gf flour, and grinding my milk thistle.

          A dehydrator which I need to put to work soon to justify it's counter space.

          1. The Champion and the dehydrator live on the counter above the washer and dryer in the corner of the kitchen. The heat from the dehydrator made the wood of that counter separate, so when in use it gets moved to the peninsula. The Spice grinder and the Vitamix live on the peninsula near the sink.

            1. The coffeemaker and the microwave are the only appliances to stay on the counter. All the others are stored in the cupboards or pantry: toaster, wafflemaker, coffee grinder, spice grinder, citrus juicer, food processor, mini chopper, digital scale, kitchen aid stand mixer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, blender, espresso machine. We never make espresso, but can't convince spouse to part with it. Regularly use the rice cooker, stand mixer, grinders, scale, and citrus juicer. Cannot stand clutter on the counters.

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                Ok, we also have a microwave. It's in a cubby hole (with the containers of staples) that I don't consider countertop.

              2. We've got:
                Coffee Maker
                Coffee Grinder
                Toaster Oven
                Rice Cooker
                Stand Mixer
                Food Processor
                Immersion Blender (with attachments)
                Cuisinart Griddler

                The most used are the coffee grinder and maker (every day that we're in the house) followed by a toss-up between the toaster oven and the rice cooker...the toaster oven probably gets used slightly more often than the rice cooker but both get used 4 or 5 times a week minimum.

                The least used is the food processor (things get done with either a knife or in the small attachment bowl for the immersion blender). We still have it because every so often its absolutely the right tool for the job and it would be expensive to replace should we get rid of it and later decided we wanted one around.

                The one I wouldn't give up is the immersion blender (with the caveat that I'd be willing to deal with not having a coffee maker so long as I had coffee making ability - french press or what-have-you).

                Not an appliance, per se since it doesn't use electricity, but our Soda Club carbonater probably deserves mention here. We use it almost daily and now that I'm rethinking things, it would probably get kept above the immersion blender if I had to choose.

                The ones that stay on the counter are the coffee maker and grinder, toaster oven and griddler (and the Soda Club gizmo). Oh, and the stand mixer.

                I think the only thing I really want is a mandoline....I can't think of an appliance I want right now that I don't already have.

                1. my coffee pot, toaster oven and kitchenaid stand mixer (with the canopener attachment on) are always out.
                  in the cupboards are regular toaster, hand mixer, blender, food processor, waffle iron, little grill thing, ice cream machine, coffee grinder, electric burner, electric griddle, crockpot, backup coffee pot and bread machine. Except the crock-pot's out right now filled with bastardized Pork Vindaloo.
                  I really want a rice cooker, Waring Pro belgian waffle iron and the Cuisinart brick oven. So, if you're listening, Santa...

                  1. On my counter, in a rather small city apartment, are a microwave, a toaster oven, a mini food processor, a coffee grinder, an electric tea kettle, a Cuisinart, a KitchenAid stand mixer, and a digital scale.

                    Tucked away and requiring hauling out are a blender, a toaster, an immersion blender with a chopper attachment, a waffle iron, and a warming tray, and, in the non-electric category, a Bron mandoline.

                    I use the coffee grinder and the electric kettle nearly every day (I make drip coffee directly into a thermos; never had or wanted an electric coffee maker.) Although I do have one dish I make from scratch in my microwave, I use it mostly for reheating leftovers and kitchen prep work such as melting butter. Still, I wouldn’t want to get rid of it. I lived without a toaster oven for decades and would probably still be without one if I hadn’t inherited a very good, practically brand new one. I don’t use it much, but it sure does come in handy when I want to bake only a few cookies or to recrisp any kind of bread or rolled dough product. Hate what happens to them in a microwave. But I’m thinking of tossing it in favor of a food saver. I’d also toss the mini food processor. Barely ever use that since the immersion blender chopper attachment works better.

                    1. The only CTKA that stays on my counter at all times is my toaster oven. I use this at least 5 times a week if not more to reheat and cook small dishes to save on fuel costs (instead of heating up the big range to, say, cook some baked potatos.) I have a microwave too, but it sits on a cart so I'm not sure that counts I actually don't use the microwave s much as the toaster oven, because I don't like the way some foods taste that have been heated in the micorwave, especially proteins.

                      The toaster is on the same cart as the microwave. The stand mixer, food processor, and blender sit on an open wire shelving unit, which makes them very easily accessible (I use thse three appliances a lot) but keeps them off my counter when not in use. I also have a Cuisinart ice cream maker, waffle maker, panini press, two electric fry pans and an immersion blender. The immersion blender is getting used more now because I'm making more soup and stuff. The ice cream maker I use a lot, but it's kept on shelving in the basement. I haven't used the waffle maker or the panini press in a while, but now I'm inspired to break them out again and make some waffles and pressed sandwiches! (They get stored in the basement as well, along with the electric fry pans, one of which I use at least every couple of weeks for pancakes.)

                      1. On the counter Hobart stand mixer / ILLY expresso machine / Cuisinart food processor /
                        Vitamix all steel monster blender a 35 year old hand me down
                        RE the emersion blender I have a 40 year old commercial one,if it goes bad I will replace it pronto,as it used as much as the mixer and processor.(in a drawer)
                        All my grinder/mill stuff is in a deep sliding drawer and doesn't count.

                        1. All stored in a large cabinet, under the counter and brought out as needed:

                          Kichen Aid Mixer
                          Food Processor
                          coffee maker - not for me, I hate coffee, but for guests, or the babysitter.

                          1. i live in a small space and have an equally small amount of counter space. if i put anything on there i've virtually lost all my prep space and generally then store things in odd places like above the dryer in my laundry closet..... so on that note.

                            on counter:
                            toaster oven
                            microwave (not really, it's a godawful vent type over the stove)

                            stored wherever i can find space:
                            coffee grinder
                            spice grinder
                            spice grinder 2 (generally reserved for more potent/spicy things)
                            immersion blender
                            food processor
                            electronic thermometer (though this is brand spanky new and i might return it)
                            slow cooker
                            warming tray

                            i do use an ice cream maker about every two months but i've refused to house it because it is so gigantic, so i just go for a 5 minute run down the street for my chilling fix. but on that note i am housing a small espresso machine and vacuum sealer that i never use. good reminder to get it out of the house!

                            1. Coffee maker, coffee grinder, kettle, toaster, can opener. I haul out the food processor, stick blender, and rice maker on a fairly regular basis. In descending order of use from not ofter to virtual obscurity . . . blender, stand mixer, waffle maker, indoor electric BBQ

                              1. I don't have much counter space (4'8"), with much of that comprised of a very deep, awkward corner. I also have 1.5' on the top of a portable dishwasher.

                                On Counters:
                                2 different sized coffee makers (SO has strong feelings re: making full pots)
                                coffee grinder
                                toaster oven
                                immersion blender (no space in drawer for it)
                                my favorite new timer (perched above the control panel of the stove)
                                seltzer canister
                                little battery operated vacuum for zip-bags
                                Kitchen Aid stand mixer (on dishwasher, no other space available - and I'm not picking it up again!


                                In Open shelves at rear of kitchen:
                                Food processor
                                Coffee grinder for spices
                                Digital scale
                                Food Saver vacuum

                                In Cabinets:
                                Citrus juicer
                                waffle maker
                                electric skillet (SO is very attached to this item which is used perhaps once every two years)
                                small, odd, burnt oil encrusted popcorn maker circa 1955 which makes great popcorn!
                                electric carving knife

                                In storage off site:
                                Crock pot
                                large reversible (smooth/raised) griddle

                                Coffee items used daily, microwave too (mainly SO reheating coffee)
                                All other counter top items used several times a week, except perhaps the toaster oven due to it needing to be moved closer to an outlet for use. The stand mixer is used for meat grinding more than for anything else.

                                Now that I have an immersion blender I seldom use my regular blender. But I am not quite ready to give it away just yet. I also use the food saver less now that I have the little one. It isn't as good, but it is much handier since it is so available.

                                I would like a rice cooker, but just don't know where I could put it. I would also like a sausage stuffer (rather than my KA attachment), but it would have to be stored elsewhere in the house.

                                Things I have found new homes for since moving to smaller quarters: Ice cream maker and smaller sunbeam stand mixer (replaced w/ KA and ice cream attachment), Geo. Foreman grill, ice crusher, mini-processor, toaster, electric can opener, bread machine & yogurt maker. The one item I regret getting rid of was an old, freestanding Westinghouse roaster from the '30's which had belonged to my grandmother. Just don't have the space for it and it doesn't do anyone good being in storage...I never used it, but I loved the look of it and had emotional ties to the thing.

                                1. On the counters I have microwave, toaster, blender, coffee grinder, coffee maker and a radio/cd player. Other appliances that I have in cabinets or in the pantry include: 2 hand mixers, 2 food processors(1small-1 med), immersion blender, old popcorn popper, crock pot, electronic thermometer and ice cream maker.

                                  As far as on the counter appliances goes, I use my coffee maker and grinder the most with the microwave coming in a close second and I use my toaster the least.

                                  I have never used my ice cream maker, every summer I have good intentions but no follow through....I may have to make cinnamon ice cream for Tday, I love the combo of cinnamon ice cream and apple pie.

                                  I would love to get the Cuisinart Griddler and a good countertop oven, they are numbers 1 & 2 on the wish list, although not necessarily in that order. Other appliances on my wish list include a stand mixer and a large food processor.

                                  1. On the counter...and definitely used the most, which is why they are always out...
                                    Rice cooker
                                    Toaster oven

                                    Suspended from upper cabinets...
                                    Electric can opener (put in by previous owners of our house -- I have never used it, and now not sure why we never took it down!)

                                    In corner "garage" on countertop...with the exception of blender, all used moderately...
                                    Food processor
                                    Mini-Prep food processor
                                    Coffee maker

                                    In cabinets...
                                    Immersion Blender
                                    Hand mixer
                                    Food Saver
                                    Cuisinart Griddler
                                    Waffle maker

                                    The least used items are the Griddler and the Waffle Maker. In fact, I have NEVER used either one of them! Griddler given to me as a gift 2 years ago, and Waffle Maker was put on wedding registry 7 years ago at my husband's request.

                                    I am forever contemplating getting a slow-cooker. Just not sure if I'd use it.

                                    1. On the counter Nespresso, Kurig and toaster. In my dandy new storage closet:
                                      25 yr. old KA
                                      Electrolux Assistent
                                      Rice cooker
                                      panini grill
                                      electronic scale
                                      Vita-mix blender
                                      Immersion blender
                                      Mini Chop
                                      Coffee Grinder (for spices)
                                      Waffle Iron
                                      Food Saver

                                      1. On the countertop: coffee maker, toaster, food processor, blender, Kitchen
                                        Aid mixer and a battery operated digital scale, next to the Kitchen Aid for measuring when I am baking. I have a emersion blender in the drawer. All the other stuff, the belgian waffle maker, the regular waffle maker, the Crock Pot, ad nausem, live in the cupboard just below all the other appliances on pull out drawers.

                                        1. i have a toaster oven, electric kettle, kitchenaid stand mixer, rice cooker, waffle/sandwich/grill thing and an immersion blender.

                                          The only thing i keep out on the counter is the toaster oven and electric kettle as they are used pretty much daily and i have a small kitchen as well.

                                          where i store the rest of the stuff
                                          - the immersion blender came with a holder thing that you put on the wall
                                          - rice cooker lives inside the cabinet
                                          - kitchenaid and waffle maker thing lives on top of my fridge.

                                          i really tried not to buy too much counter top appliances since i dont want to have no space to prep food...i even switched my electric coffee percolator to a press!

                                          1. I have load of CTKA but keep NONE of them on my counters! My pantry is right by the end of the counter so I keep the toaster there and bring it out when I need it and plug in. My favorite is my panini grill which we use constantly. Not just for sandwiches but also garlic bread/toast, toast for croutons. It's a 3-meal a day appliance. But I keep it in a cabinet just below where I use it. I hate a bunch of "stuff" on the counter. Seems counter-productive :)

                                            1. I am a counter top minimalist so the only appliance on my counter is my coffee maker. I use it daily. My second most used appliance is probably my Food Saver Vacuum but that is in my pantry. I would like a rice cooker I think.
                                              In my pantry are: slow cooker, Ice cream machine, Kitchen Aid stand mixer, immersion blender, electric skillet, hand mixer, food processor and mini processor, toaster, and blender.

                                              1. On the counter: Food Processor, Coffeemaker, KitchenAid stand mixer, Cuisinart griddler, Coffee grinder, Toaster, all appliances are used every day. On other counter is electric meat grinder.
                                                I have Ice cream maker, popcorn popper on another counter, as well as 3 different sizes of slow cookers and a bread machine. Other appliances I have are hand mixer, juicer, blender, which are stored in a cabinet, immersion blender in a drawer. I also have 3 non appliance crocks on the counter, that hold utensils and gadgets .

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                                                  " Food Processor, Coffeemaker, KitchenAid stand mixer, Cuisinart griddler, Coffee grinder, Toaster, all appliances are used every day. On other counter is electric meat grinder. "

                                                  Wow, I think I cook alot but do have time to do ANYTHING else :) Those you who have alot on your counters, is it because your cabinet space/pantry space is limited? I'm lucky that, because I have a smallish pantry and a lazy susan corner cupboard (whatever you call those things), I store NO food in my cabinets. The most used items (toaster, panini grill and food processor just lift right off a shelf. I keep them at the front for even easier access. I used to have a crock on the counter for wooden utensils but have even moved that into the pantry. Basically a dishdrainer and a spoon rest are all that's on my counters --- and I cook ALOT. I wasn't always like this but am loving having full use of my counters.

                                                2. Cuisinart, Kitchen-Aid mixer, Food Saver, Stick blender, coffee maker and toaster and lap top. Stashed are coffee grinder, mini processor, deep fryer, blender and hand mixer.

                                                  Though I have a 5 burner cooktop I am seriously thinking of adding an induction burner to the array on the counter tops.

                                                  1. current appliances on the counter are:

                                                    a drip coffee maker
                                                    an espresso machine
                                                    burr grinder for drip
                                                    burr grinder for espresso
                                                    KA stand mixer
                                                    toaster oven
                                                    food processor

                                                    1. On the counter, I have my KitchenAid Mixer & Food Processor and my toaster. On a cart in the dining room is the microwave we bought so MIL could make instant coffee when she visits, but now I use it for popcorn with a bowl popper.

                                                      It's the stuff in the cupboard that gets OTT - crock pot (rarely used), immersion blender with chopper and whisk attachments, Cuisinart Griddler from a panini phase, ice cream makers (at least 2, there might be more), milkshake maker (my husband's - probably never been used), digital scale, waffle iron (I think), Mr. Coffee & coffee grinder for when we have company (I use a stovetop espresso maker when I want coffee.) My pasta roller isn't electric, so that doesn't count, right?

                                                      There's probably more, but that's what I remember. I couldn't live without the toaster, and the immersion blender is a close second. I love my mixer, but probably could have lived without the food processor.

                                                      Things I want? Juicer and a countertop convection toaster oven. Odds I will ever get those are very slim.

                                                      1. Counter space is too precious to clutter with appliances I don't use every single day. The only two appliances that actually reside on the counter are the coffee maker and the Jericho coffee grinder. My laptop computer (does that count?) is a frequent visitor and sometimes even spends the night on the counter. Most of my frequently-used appliances (food processor, hand mixer, immersion blender, waffle iron, little chopper/mincer, toaster, spice grinder) are conveniently kept in kitchen drawers. Those that are used rarely (bread machine, stand mixer, Foreman grill) and those that just take up too much space (electric griddle) are stored on shelves in the garage.

                                                        1. I have very little counter space, so the only two machines on my counter are the toaster, and the coffee grinder. However, I'm fortunate to have a lot of shelves in my kitchen, and the KA Mixer, the Cuisinart Food Processor and the Waring blender are on the shelf that is at waist height, making them easy to move to the counter and back when needed. The mini FP and the stick blender are in a cupboard. I don't *think* I have any other appliances - oh - battery operated thermometer - tucked into shelf, same with aeropress battery operated milk forther that never gets used.

                                                          Edit - and a battery operated flat scale lives on top of the cookbooks in the kitchen.

                                                          1. Blender, coffee maker, ice tea maker, coffee grinder, Kitchen Aid stand mixed, electric kettle, Cuisinart food processor, toaster and my EXTRA microwave -- all on the counter now. And I use all of them, all of the time. That makes 9, but I have acres of counter space. I keep the following ten under the counter: ice cream maker, hand mixer, waffle iron, electric coffee pot, chocolate fountain, extra toaster, extra waffle iron. George Forman grill, electric fry pan, slow cooker. Of all of the under counter appliances, I use the hand mixer, slow cooker and waffle iron most. I have stopped buying appliances for now, although that quesadilla maker looks awfully cute when I have a 20% off coupon in my pocket :) I'll also bet that I missed one or two under the counter.

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                                                              Whenever I see and iced tea maker, I always wonder why one would need an iced tea maker. I mean, does it do something special or make making iced tea that much easier? Just curious.

                                                              1. re: valerie

                                                                I've wondered the same thing. Just recently a friend of ours got one. She got it because friends of HERS had one. I make iced tea by boiling a kettle of water, pouring it over two large tea bags in a big glass pitcher, steeping five minutes, removing the bags and filling the pitcher the rest of the way up with more room temp water. I can't figure why I would want an appliance that takes up room. 'Course I'm kinda the queen of minimalism when it comes to kitchen counters. And I have pretty good space. Heck, by NYC standards my counterspace is grand :)

                                                            2. The only appliances that reside on the counter are my coffee maker and my food processor, but I have a appliance garage where I keep my toaster, blender and stand and hand mixer.

                                                              My coffee grinder, and waffle maker are in a lazy susan.

                                                              1. On the counter:
                                                                Advantium microwave / halogen / convection oven (built in, but that's an option)
                                                                Digital scale
                                                                Probe thermometer / timers (4)
                                                                Rice cooker
                                                                Stand mixer
                                                                Food processor
                                                                Bar blender
                                                                Spice grinder
                                                                Coffee grinder
                                                                Coffee roaster
                                                                Electric kettle
                                                                (And I complain about not having enough prep space…)

                                                                In the cabinets and pantry:
                                                                Immersion blender
                                                                Ice cream maker
                                                                Meat grinder / sausage stuffer
                                                                Pasta maker
                                                                Meat slicer
                                                                Food Saver
                                                                Crock pots (3)
                                                                Waffle iron
                                                                Hot-air popcorn popper
                                                                Hand mixer
                                                                Citrus reamer

                                                                In the garage:
                                                                Superautomatic espresso machine
                                                                Bread machine
                                                                Roasting oven

                                                                The scale, coffee grinder, electric kettle, toaster, and Advantium oven get used every day, often more than once. The other countertop items and the immersion blender get used several times a week. The stuff in the cabinets gets used a few times a month or less. The roasting oven and dehydrator get seasonal use. The bread machine and juicer should probably go to the Goodwill. I’m conflicted about the espresso machine; I stopped using it when I started making vac-pot coffee, but hate to see it go. So it will probably gather dust for a long time.

                                                                The things I couldn’t live without are my coffee grinder and roaster. The scale and thermometers are pretty high on the list, too. With everything else, there’s probably another way to skin that cat.

                                                                I’d like to have a toaster oven for jobs that are too small to justify firing up a full-sized oven. But space limitations mean that I’d probably have to replace the toaster, so I’d be exchanging one form of overkill for another. Tough call.

                                                                As far as the immersion blender goes, you’ve got to have one. A few years back my MIL was asking what I wanted for Christmas. I couldn’t think of anything else at the moment, and figured I might use it occasionally. Within a week or two it had moved WAY up the list of my favorite gadgets. Just one example: last night I was making a cornstarch slurry to thicken a beef stew. I dipped liquid out of the pot and didn’t wait for it to cool, so (duh) the cornstarch seized up. No problem: add some water, hit it with the stick blender, and voila. Could I have pitched the slurry and started over? Sure. Could I have whisked it smooth? Maybe. But the stick blender was by far the quickest, easiest, and most efficient solution to the problem.

                                                                The only problem is that cordless stick blenders tend to be wimpy. It wouldn’t be rocket science to make one that works. My cordless drill, circular saw, and reciprocating saw all share a battery pack, and they’ve got some serious power. Why not build an immersion blender using the same technology? Bosch, Panasonic, and Black & Decker all make both tools and appliances, but they insist on putting wimpy batteries in anything used in the kitchen. Until this changes, a corded immersion blender is the way to go.

                                                                1. Mr. Coffee - use three of four times a week with Braun grinder
                                                                  Toaster oven - for toast and cooking (we store things in the oven)
                                                                  Braun handmixer - two or three times a month
                                                                  Slow cooker /crock pot - seven or eight times a year
                                                                  Griddler - seven or eight times a year - big help during parties for appetizers
                                                                  handmixer - just remembered I had it when some one asked to borrow it
                                                                  pasta machine - it has been many many years!
                                                                  Mandoline - seven or eight times a year.

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                                                                  1. re: roux42

                                                                    Do you keep all those things on the counter because you don't have storage space?

                                                                  2. on the counter: Coffee grinder and coffeemaker, KA stand mixer, toaster, waring blendor (circa 1950's),. That's it (my partner hates clutter...) Stored in cabinets or drawers: Stick blender, cuisinart, panini press, George Foreman, popcorn popper, hand mixer,ice cream maker, waffle iron, electric skillet (in avocado; inherited from late Uncle Herbie) and all my KA attachments (pasta roller/ cutter, meat grinder, etc.) Adam

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                                                                    1. re: adamshoe

                                                                      This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Addicted to kitchen appliances, my small kitchen looks like a cluttered kitchen store, and I'm down to a postage stamp size prep area! I sometimes think I should rent out my appliances. It would be so wonderful to have bare, clutter-free showplace countertops with nothing but a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit on top--and miles of prep area to spread out in...
                                                                      But I think I'd feel lonely :)
                                                                      On my counters:

                                                                      Magimix 5150 food processor (used daily, at least once)
                                                                      Breville Icon Blender (used for breakfast smoothies and the occasional margarita)
                                                                      Breville/Keurig single cup coffee maker (A godsend!)
                                                                      Nespresso automatic espresso machine (intermittent use)
                                                                      Nespresso milk steamer/frother (see above)
                                                                      Cuisinart Toaster/Convection oven w/rotisserie (Used as a second oven and the rotisserie is excellent for small pork roasts and boneless turkey breasts)
                                                                      Delonghi retro toaster (Has lasted 5 years of daily use and still going strong)
                                                                      Kitchenaid Professional stand mixer in copper
                                                                      Zojirushi Bread machine (used at least once a week--Mostly for dough mixing and rising: pizza, hamburger buns, brioche, pain de campagne, etc.)
                                                                      Cuisinart miniprep
                                                                      Aerogarden (currently growing salad mix)

                                                                      Stored away:
                                                                      Crepe maker (wish I had room to use it more often)
                                                                      Electric grill (use about once a week in winter or when weather is bad)
                                                                      Cuisinart Electric fry pan (LOVE this thing!)
                                                                      Pasta Chittare (Not electric, but a lovely-looking wooden pasta cutter that I need to find a way to display on my counter or wall)
                                                                      Cuisinart Popcorn popper
                                                                      Kitchen aid 5 qt mixer in white (It's helpful during holiday baking to have the two KA mixers on hand)
                                                                      Immersion Blender (not cordless--Perhaps why I don't find it to be all that useful?)
                                                                      Electric knife (have yet to actually use it)
                                                                      Cuisinart egg cooker (cute little space-ship looking thing-seemed like good idea, but I actually do a better job boiling eggs on the stove)
                                                                      Waring Pro waffle iron (the best one for the money-I'd use it more often if I weren't watching my diet)
                                                                      Yogurt Maker (another item I haven't actually used yet, but perhaps tomorrow...)
                                                                      Villaware panini press
                                                                      KA & Magimix attachments

                                                                      The inventory even overflows into the rest of the house when I run out of spare sockets--Currently in my living room is a big, stainless steel Cuisinart ice cream maker! (Fig gelato was the latest creation)

                                                                      And because I become attached to my appliances and can't seem to be able to part with them, my basement is cluttered with other obsolete and replaced items: several different coffee machines, including a cuisinart 12 cup and a senseo; Krups blender; quesadilla maker; another belgian waffle iron; pizzelle iron; 4 crock pots of various sizes; rice cooker; hot air popcorn popper and a meat slicer I'm too chicken to use (I'm certain I'll hurt myself). Finally, there's my beloved old Cuisinart Custom 11 food processor that I bought for myself when I got my first job out of college. After many, many years of service, it was recently relegated to the basement when I got my Magimix. In some ways, I think my Cuisinart was better designed (the feed tube, anyhow) and wonder if I shouldn't have stuck with it.

                                                                    2. My kitchen was built in the 50s and has that narrow galley footprint. We just redid it and added a baking pantry at the end. Still, there isn't a tremendous amount of counter top and the only thing that stays out is the coffee maker. Everything else is in storage in the banquette seating, an overhead cabinet or my pantry.

                                                                      The immersion blender is in the cabinet near the cooktop. A very tiny mini processor (actually designed to purée baby food) is in the cabinet near the sink where I do coffee and veggie prep. The banquette has 2 kinds of ice cream makers, the toaster and a crockpot. The pantry shelving holds my food processor, a different kind of slow cooker, a hand mixer, a blender, a couple small waffle irons, a bread machine and my stand mixer. These things are about a pivot and two steps from the pantry baking-height counter. A very small sink, a wall oven and a microwave in the same stack with the oven complete the baking center/pantry configuration.

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                                                                      1. re: rainey

                                                                        I am small appliance deprived. I don't like appliances; I think mostly because of the space they take up, and I just enjoy doing things by hand. I have a stand mixer, a combination hand-immersion mixer, a mini food processor than I use once a century for making pesto, a coffeemaker, and a coffee grinder.

                                                                        The only appliances that stay out on the counters are the coffeemaker and the grinder.

                                                                        You'd think that would make for a lot of clear real estate, but no. What I lack for in electrics I've compensated for with scores and scores of stainless and silicon utensils, all hanging out happily in their ceramic holders.

                                                                      2. I don't know why we have an Omega Juicer. I just HAD to have it. What did I get for making my own juice every day? An extra 20 pounds. It sits on a shelf. It's in perfect condition. I can't imagine using it again, but I can't seem to part with it.

                                                                        I will now. I'm inspired by this thread to donate it to someone who will like to wear an extra 20 pounds! (Of a regular day, I just don't eat four carrots, a whole beet, a whole apple, plus all the other stuff one is inclined to shove into a juicer...that can be a real weight-builder!)

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                                                                        1. re: UnoakedChardonnay

                                                                          hence the eviction of our icecream maker,way too easy an allure