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Oct 25, 2008 10:25 PM

Counter Top Kitchen Appliances?

I'm curious about the rest of you. I think I have enough counter top kitchen appliances to stock a small store. Or maybe even not all that small. I haven't looked in all of the nooks and crannies in my kitchen and garage, but a conservative guesstimate is that I have about 25 such critters. I'm in serious need of more linear feet of counters!

So I'm curious, how many do you have? The only criteria is that they have to run on electricity to count. Batteries count too.

Next question: Which one do you use most? Mine is my superautomatic espresso machine by a country mile!

Then which is your least used appliance? Mine is absolutely my pasta machine. I don't think it's been out fo the box for at least three decades. The big question is why do I still have it? The answer is because I am an anal retentive pack rat! Obviously!

So how many do you have? Which do you love and use most. Which do you use least and why do you still have it?

Oh, and a final question: Is there any CTKA you really want? I think I want an emersion blender,, but I want a cordless one with tons of power. I gave my last one away for wimpiness. So how about you?

EDIT! I almost forgot! Which ones do you actually keep on your counter all the time? I keep my coffee machine, toaster, electric can opener, reamer/juicer, stand mixer and food processsor. <sigh> Why am I so lazy?

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  1. I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, espresso machine ( and a number of other coffee paraphernalia) ,toaster, sandwich press, and a rice cooker. I have an immersion blender but I keep it in a drawer.

    The most used is the espresso machine and the toaster.

    The appliance I really want is the Sumeet Asia Kitchen Machine (which an Indian food processor designed to grind spices and make spice pastes).

    1. I currently have three that stay on the counter at all times.
      Cuisinart grinder brewer
      Rice pot

      It's a toss up as to whether the rice cooker or the coffee pot gets the most use.

      In the cupboard for moderate use:
      Three different blenders - light to heavy duty
      Bread machine
      Slow cooker - (used only for Korean/Chinese herbal medicines)
      Food Saver

      That's about it.

      1. Coffee maker
        Rice cooker
        Toaster oven
        Hot water pot

        1. VitaMix for smoothies, sauces, blended soups, hot sauce, mixing stuff, and grinding our own gf flours.

          Champion Juicer mainly for carrot juice since I married a man with a Vitamix (used regularly for smoothly when I was single).

          A small coffee/spice grinder (we don't drink coffee) for spices, small batches of gf flour, and grinding my milk thistle.

          A dehydrator which I need to put to work soon to justify it's counter space.

          1. The Champion and the dehydrator live on the counter above the washer and dryer in the corner of the kitchen. The heat from the dehydrator made the wood of that counter separate, so when in use it gets moved to the peninsula. The Spice grinder and the Vitamix live on the peninsula near the sink.