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Oct 25, 2008 08:37 PM

lobster sashimi?

Does anyone know a sushi place that has a live lobster sashimi on special? With lobster prices now down to $2.25/lb wholesale, I imagine someone must have it.

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  1. i've had live spiny lobster at Fugakyu but it was by special request. you could always call and ask.

    1. Despite being a native new englander and lover of all things raw, I must say that IMHO lobster is much, much better cooked than raw. While the texture is excellent, it has an unpleasant metallic taste that really turned me off.

      Scallop sashimi, on the other hand, I think is so good that I rarely cook scallops any more - the buttery, sweet flavor and melting texture of raw has ruined me for even the best cooked scallops.

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        I just cut off a chunk of raw lobster tail meat. Ok..but I steamed the rest. I prefer cooked lobster to raw.

        I generally prefer my scallops raw.

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          Agree. I too love all things raw. Tried it at Ginza a few times years ago and I tried to appreciate it but, I just didn't find it very appealling. Steam it and dip lightly in drawn butter.

        2. I've seen it being served at Ginza (weirded me out..body sawed in half, legs still moving).

          edited to add: does that even qualify as sashimi if it's still in the shell anyhow..also this was years ago and I dont' know if it was a menu item or daily special

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            I guess my answer is pretty irrelevant, but I have also had lobster sashimi at Ginza.. over 10 years ago! At that time, the tail meat was sliced and put on the sushi boat, but they also put the chopped head on the bow of the sushi boat, standing it straight up. And yes, the legs and tentacles were still moving even though the lobster was dead.

            1. re: y2000k

              Haha Yes that's exactly how I remember seeing it.! Maybe you were the next table over from me. LOL

              1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                Funny. The same day I had the lobster sashimi (in NJ) the chef pulled a large live fish out of a sink behind the sushi bar and showed it to us, still wiggling. He then dispatched it, cut it up, and served it in several different ways. He placed the head on the platter, where it proceeded to "gasp" dramatically at irregular intervals. Near the end of the meal the chef prodded it a few times to get it to open and close the jaws for us. My wife refusd to eat sushi for months afterward. The most interesting thing was that the fish was rather tough, even when properly and thinly sliced - apparently there is a relaxation phenomena that occurs in the hour or so after death that markedly improves the texture of the fish (rigor mortis apparently doesn't taste so good). All in all an informative but not particularly tasty meal.

                1. re: tdaaa

                  i've had the preparation you describe at Fugakyu and i did like the texture, there was a little push-back from the live flesh.
                  my DC also was a little put off but not so much that they didn't enjoy the experience.