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Oct 25, 2008 07:32 PM

Special occasion family restaurant in Cleveland/East Side?

I've seen several threads about the best restuarants in Ohio, or the best "special occasion" restaurants; I'm hoping Chowhounders could recommend a restaurant near the east side of Cleveland with good food that's under $20/person, has a nice atmosphere and might have room for a large family gathering.

We'd like to take the family out for my in-laws 40th anniversary next month. Some of the family are not the most adventurous eaters, so I'm looking for something like American or Italian cuisine that's delicious - but not a chain. I realize it's asking a lot, and in my perfect world, we'd all go to Moxie, but I'm hoping you can help. Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  1. i know it's not what you want to hear but frankly i think you don't have to be that adventurous to eat at moxie! i'll think about it though...

    i have heard decent things about arrabiatta's (i think on mayfield) but i've never been. oh and how large for the gathering?

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      There will be 23(!) of us; no vegetarians, but a few are anti-fish, and others are of the meat (well-done, please) and potatoes type. Thanks for the rec!

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        i would think that a place that could do a salad, pasta, maybe something like a chicken parm buffet is probably your best bet in that price range. good luck!

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        Arrabiatta's should fit the bill - not a private room, but they'll accommodate your party. Food is excellent, prices in your range (at least the last time I ate there, which was some months ago) and service is great. Parking lot is small, but should still be easier than Little Italy.

      3. My parents are extremely unadventurous and they love Trattoria on Mayfield Road in Little Italy. I'm not sure if they have a private room, but they might.


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          Here is Trattoria's website:

          And they do indeed have a room for parties.


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            i have some family members, also unadventourous, and this is their favorite place. I think it pretty good myself for basic stuff. Parking is a nightmare in Little Italy, so I recommend people car pool to get there is that ends up being the choice. Altough Trarroria has valet parking

          2. I have heard good things about Beach Club Bistro And excellent reviews on Bistro 185

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              I don't think BCB can accommodate their sized group this time of year (their outdoor patio is lovely). Otherwise, it would be a nice choice.

            2. Just thought I would come back to thank everyone for their suggestions and let anyone who's interested know that we had a really nice time at Jimmy O'Neill's Tavern just down the street from the Cedar Lee Theatre. Jimmy was more than happy to work within our budget, so we were able to offer guests a selection of dishes from a personalized menu, and drinks from the bar. The menu contains some hits and misses, but guests liked everything we chose, whether steak, salmon or pork tenderloin. The beet cake Jimmy's offers is a chocolate lover's delight, but my husband and I made the anniversary cake ourselves to add a personal touch (photos here ) I'd recommend Jimmy's for anyone who wants a friendly atmosphere and good food at decent prices.

              1. i'd say MOXIE anyway, but if you decide to blow the bank GIOVANNIS would be the place for italian:


                i have never eaten there, but i heard ARRABIATTAS mentioned above is good too.