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Oct 25, 2008 07:02 PM

Brunch with a toddler

We are looking for some suggestions on where we can have a nice (good quality food) brunch. It must be someplace that doesnt frown on having children in their space. (we have already got a few great dim sum places - looking for eggs, waffles and other brunch treats)

We have been to a few spots - but are looking for something new...tired of same old spots.

Here is a partial list of where we have been:

Swan - hit and miss with food, not great for children as wait can be long and space is tight
King edddy - good for what it is (who eats 50/pp at brunch?), great for children - staff very helpful
Coras - fair, ok for our son but we didnt want to go back.
Whitlocks - food it ok, ok for children
Hot House - yuck! might as well be at GG
Fresh - ok (but we really like eggs), not great for children as noise travels and space is tight
Old Nick - food is fine (better when Michelle Bellerose was there), havent taken our little one or seen other children there.
Gallery Grill - food is great, our son was not amused by the offerings
Three's Company Cafe - fair on both accounts
Abbot Pub & Fare - typical brunch food, suprisingly great for children - a pub with high chairs!

So - to all of you who share our love of brunch - help us find something new.

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  1. Homeway on Mt. Pleasant is very, very family friendly and has a good brunch menu. There was a recent thread about a bad experience there, but I personally have always had a good experience.

    1. Ten Feet Tall, on Danforth near Greenwood. Very kid-friendly, in fact the owner's young kids are often hanging around or helping out. Tasty yam frites with dips along with the usual brunch stuff -

      Ten Feet Tall
      1381 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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        Ten Feet Tall is great, my 22 month old son has eaten quite a few of the yam fries there...and lamb pops as well. Also good is Melanie's for brunch, Danforth near Glebemount, across from East Lynn Park.

      2. Mitzi's Sister on Queen West has a very busy brunch with many children present.

        1. Alices Restaurant on College West...welcomes does Terroni's...Miranda

          1. We've brought our now > 2 yr old to Le Select Bistro for wknd brunches when she was just under 2 yrs old. Plus, we lug our > 6 mth old baby there too in the stroller. They've always put us at the table just left of the door where there's banquette seating. We always like banquette seating because we can corner in our child to reduce on mess and damage they can do. If you don't let your kid go wild, we've found they're pretty good. Take a look at the menu online before going to see what will appeal to your toddler. You'll get a nice meal and it's not some gross chain.

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              I second Le Select Bistro! I took my 4 and 2 year olds there a few months ago and it was great. They are very kid-friendly there, offering crayons and the most unique children's menu I have ever seen! Food is excellent also>