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Oct 25, 2008 05:35 PM

Staub on Glass Cooktop

I want to buy some Staub cookware online and can't check them out myself. Are Staub pans and pots good for glass cooktop? I'm sure they would work, but for a cookware to be efficient on a glass cooktop, it must touch it with whole surface, not just on edges.
Can enyone tell me if Staub cookware have smooth and perfectly flat bottom when tested with ruler? Are they all stable on a flat surface or is it different with each piece?

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  1. I would be concerned about Staub on a glass top....would the heft of Saub break the glass?? Then again, I do not like those glass tops!

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    1. re: SusieS

      I primarily want a Staub fry pan which i think would be ok. I like its teflon-free enamelled interior. I agree that gas is better but unfortunatelly it's not available here.

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        I hate my ceramic cooktop, but not because of its load bearing capacity. If the mere weight of the pan was a danger, it would't be on the market for use. The other night mine had a full 12 quart stockpot, a 12" iron skillet, an 8" copper pot, a 6 quart pasta pot and another 5" cast iron skillet on the warmer burner. It was all loaded and working.

        As long as the bottom is smooth, it's not going to scratch the ceramic when you pull the pan on the stove.

      2. I don't have Staub but I have several pieces for Le Creuset I use regularly on my glass top cooktop. Never had an issue with them at all.

        Disclaimer: I also use my Lodge cast iron on this cooktop though I believe most glass cooktop mfg's recommend not doing so.

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          Staub would work fine - especially since unlike the bottom of my Le Creuset the bottom is smooth and enameled as well. (The bottom of my LC is more raw, ridged cast iron which I would worry would scratch the top of the stove.

        2. I regularly use my Staub 5qt pot, fully loaded (chicken stew, usually) with no problems on my glass top range. Its a smooth, flat bottom on the pot.

          1. Staub FAQ 13

            Can Staub be used on ceramic glass tops?

            Yes. Staub cookware can be used on all heat sources, including induction. Products with the black matte exterior are coated on the bottom with blue ceramic which will protect your delicate surfaces.