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Oct 25, 2008 05:16 PM

Porky's no longer serves waffles, biscuits instead.

I was about to grab some fried chicken and waffles at Porky's and noticed the waffles are no longer listed on their online menu. It's biscuits instead. I called and the lady said they used to serve waffles but no longer. I'll have to try the biscuits, but perhaps not today.

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  1. Are we talking about the original Porky's on Manchester? I have no memory of waffles. They had a Golden Bird franchise for fried chicken, which in the early years brought in some business but which I understand was pretty much a loss leader. More recently they gave up the franchise and thus its name and label, and still have the chicken but under another name. I've read it is still good, but I haven't tasted it myself. But a waffle? With all of the energy and heat that a waffle iron needs to be ready, or the delay in getting it heated up and seasoned?? Doesn't make sense. And I'm a huge Porky's fan, feel the love and hard work there, crave the pulled pork and sides and sauce and feel bad that some posters have not tasted smoke or flavor in their ribs lately.

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      Could they be confusing Pann's with Porky's? But no waffles at Pann's would be news to me. I mean we were just there a week ago for dinner and they were still doing wings and waffles (what my wife had) and I had the biscuits and wings. The mystery deepens.

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        It could be I'm confusing places. I do eat at Pann's and Porky's on occasion, but I'm hardly a "regular." When I asked the lady over the phone she said they "used" to make waffles, but no longer. Maybe she was trying to be polite and not offend the demented person on the phone. Thanks for bringing this up to my attention. Waffles on the brain can apparently cause my memory to go haywire.

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          Pann's was serving waffles yesterday.