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Oct 25, 2008 04:28 PM

Memphis SmokeHouse - Thanks chowhounds - review

Well I took the advice of many people on this board and finally had dinner at Memphis Smoke House.

While it is definitely not fine dining, put a plate of meat in front of me and I am one happy girl!! We ordered the Miles Davis Platter because we wanted to taste all I have been reading about. Here is my rundown.

Ribs (ordered dry) were fantastic!! Dry with just the right amount of spices and just the right amount of "bite" Thankfully they were not pre boiled!!

Chicken was a quarter dark while I only had one bite of it, it was moist and succculent.

Pulled pork was moist but it had a slightly rewarmed taste to it. My husband liked it though.

Brisket was not what I expected at all. Being used to my moms "Jewish" style braised till it falls apart brisket, it wasn't my style but it was good.

Wings were excellent, not swimming in sauce and really moist.

Shortribs were nicely sauced and tender.

The baked beans had a nice kick to them and the coleslaw was wonderfully tangy and fresh.

My only complaint was with the cornbread which was really dry, but who needs cornbread when you have all that meat!!

My VERY picky husband really liked it also which is unusual for him. He eats spagetti out of a can, but I love him anyway. The service was brisk, coffee fresh and we would defiinitely eat there again!! Thanks again for the recommendation!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Is this yonge & sheppard or woodbridge?

      I liked the yonge & sheppard location but hated the woodbridge one

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        This was the yonge & Sheppard one. I didn't know they had more than one.

      2. Sounds like you haver no experience with BBQ. But as a BBQ maven of first order, I can say with that this place is horrible, really horrible. Everything is dry and tasteless.

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        1. re: evansl

          Okay evansl, tell me where to go to find a great BBQ...please?

          1. re: marbiegreen

            I've said in another post that I make my own so I can't really vouch for the BBQ of any places in Toronto.

            If you're ever in Whitby on a weekday, stop in for a pulled pork, pulled chicken or brisket sandwich at Buster Rhino's. They have a lunch counter operating out of their production facility with limited hours (Mon, Tues 10-3) (Wed, Thur, Fri 10-8) no weekends. They offer cafeteria style seating if you want to eat in. I've never tried their ribs but the last time I checked they offered a Friday special which was a full rack of ribs right from the smoker, a side and a pop for $13 or so (I'll have to double check). It'll be the only place you'll find a consistent BBQ product in the GTA. Is it reheated BBQ? Yes. Does it taste great? Yes!

            Excellent fries as well.

            Here's a shot of my last brisket sandwich:


            I am going to make a new post with this recommendation.