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Oct 25, 2008 03:32 PM

"Mad Men" menu -- what would Betty serve?

Im renting the whole first season of "Mad Men" for a marathon viewing next week and am thinking about inviting some friends. I want to serve era-appropriate "party food" so Im considering pigs in blankets, and Heiniken (for obvious reasons). But Im looking for more suggestions, stylings, etc. What would Betty serve?

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  1. Oooh, can I come? I lurve that show!!! Lemme drag out my Better Homes Guide to entertaining and have a gander.....You definitely need Rumaki (sp?), Betty had it at one of her soirees. Pink punch sounds yummy:sugar, mint, frozen raspberries, frozen pink lemonade, and (optional) raspberry sherbert. Hearts of palm salad or white asparagus (canned, of course). Maybe fondue for the main and dessert. Viva la sixties, baby!!

    1. Oops; almost forgot the most important stuff. You'll need several cartons of cigarettes (Lucky Strikes MFT) and a boat-load of booze and some loose broads!! Maybe a crazy Polynesian Themed menu with pu-pu's and crazy blended drinks. When's dinner? Adam

      1. I used Mad Men as the loose inspiration for a party a few months back and I made cocktail meatballs....two bottles of Heinz chilli sauce and a jar of grape jelly. I got forzen meatballs at BJs and tossed it all in a crock pot. They were really, really good!
        I also made a cheese ball, pigs in a blanket, chex mix, and onion dip....except that I did not make it from the lipton's soup mix...I got a recipe from Ina Garten.
        Good luck! Oh and like Adam said...plenty of booze! I served Manhattans at my party...but that's mostly because it's my favorite cocktail.

        1. fondue, jello molds

          1. Betty actually had a dinner party in one of the second season episodes. She did an around the world dinner as international flavors were just coming into vogue at the time. Unfortunately I can't remember what the items were that she served even though she explained it all to the diners at the table....I do remember Heineken beer being featured as both part of the plot line and in the dining room. It was about midway through this season. You might be able to find it online....

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              Betty's Menu:

              -Gazpacho from Spain
              -Rumaki From Japan
              -Irish Leg of Lamb with Mint Jelly
              -German Noodles like her grandmother made
              -Bordeaux from France and Beer from Holland

              You will definitely need to add a chip-and-dip for Pete, maybe some raw oysters in honor of Roger & Don's feud.

              Fleischmann's margarine/Heinz ketchup, and maybe soup, because who orders soup on a date?
              (This will all make sense watching the current season.