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Oct 25, 2008 03:30 PM

Great bakery that will deliver or very easy to get to?

I need a great bakery to order a birthday cake that will either deliver to our hotel (International House), the restaurant we're eating at (maybe Luke) or is very easy and fast to get to if I need to pick it up when I got into town.


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  1. Is it proper etiquette to have a cake delivered to a restaurant? I think not. Call them and let them get a cake for you.

    1. It is absolutely fine to have a cake delivered to a restaurant. Just call ahead and let them know you are coming. They might charge you a service fee for cutting and serving the cake but it is usually a minimum amount.

      1. Across the street from Luke is the Hotel Intercontinental. They have a bakery there called the Sweet Car. I buy king cakes from there at Mardi Gras and I bought a whole carrot cake there once. It was pretty good IMO and I'm not a big fan of carrot cake. They may do it for you but I'm not sure.

        1. Try Swiss Confectionery, it is located on St. Charles not too far from I-House and/or Luke. Swiss specializes in decorated birthday-type cakes.

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          1. I couldn't remember the name of this bakery, but the owner goes by "The Cake Man".

            IIRC, they deliver. Read more here!


            Darn & I've already forgotten the name of the place again! NOLA something.

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              You're thinking of New Orleans Cake Cafe in the Marigny. His cakes are great.

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                That's it! New Orleans Cake Cafe.
                Thanks Frolic!