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Oct 25, 2008 03:24 PM

Luke or other good place with oysters

I posted about needing a reservation for a large group for a birthday dinner and Cochon was the winner, besides Rambla. We're looking for more of a New Orleans type dinner than Rambla provides, so we were going to do Cochon, but they can't get us in that night except at 6 when half of our party will be landing at the airport. So, I went with Luke and they can seat us at 8pm which is great. Now, I'm reading that they have horrible service, so I'm going to try again for another suggestion of a great semi-nice/trendy place for a large (14) group and we need it to have oysters, since the birthday boy loves oysters. Thanks!

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  1. You could try Bourbon House or Palace Cafe for your oyster needs and they should be able to host a large gang. 4 of us had dinner @ Luke 2 weeks ago on our visit and had terrific service, so go figure? Adam in Oakland

    1. I've never had bad service at Luke.

      1. Jacqueimo's would be an excellent selection!

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          My last meal at Jaques-Imo's was pretty good, food-wise, but I'd never recommend a big group go there. You can barely hear the person right next to you, you'd never be able to have a conversation with someone a few seats down.

          Lots of restaurants are loud, but Jacques-Imo's is really a step beyond.

          I think Luke is an excellent suggestion. I've seen the service drag at lunch, but that's an anomaly, I think.

          If, like EC said on Monday, you're just looking for beer and oysters, you'd have a hard time doing better than Grand Isle.

        2. are you looking for raw oysters or oyster dishes on the menu?
          could you start at one place for raw, then graze to the next stop for dinner?
          for raw, you have the Desire Oyster Bar at the Sonesta or Grand Isle near Harrah's Hotel.
          either place is located near other restaurants on your list, so you could park once and make an event of the birthday, stopping for drinks along the way as well.

          1. I thought the service was fine the one time I went to Luke, and many of the Yelp reviewers single out the service as being outstanding.