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Oct 25, 2008 02:53 PM

Hungry Mother

What recession? Made a reservation last night for next Saturday to celebrate hubs birthday. Have been dying to go here. Of all the posts I think there was only one negative one. I could only get a table @ 5:30 or 9p. That place must be hoppin.Whats your favorite thing on the menu?

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  1. Well, on Friday night at 6p I managed to book a Fri night 8:30pm table for 3. The joint was pretty well-populated, but not full, when we got there. Given that our past reservations there have been met with news that our table was "almost ready" -- and then we would wait for 20 min -- I was surprised that we had basically no wait at all once we arrived. Same-night availability of a prime-time table with quick seating looks to me like a reflection of the economy.

    The dinner, btw, was fabulous as always. I had the insanely rich and delish shrimp and grits. Yum!

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      Can't say enough good things about this place (and I've only been once!) As litchick says, get those shrimp & grits. Amazing. I also really enjoyed the side of cornbread w/sorghum....& if you are a catfish fan, that's excellent too.

      1. re: twentyoystahs

        All 3 of those are already on my list. :) Can't wait!!!

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        We tried to get a table for four at Hungry Mother for last Saturday (this was calling Thursday, admittedly late) - and could only get 5:30 or 9 or later. Similar options awaited us at Salts, Clio, Craigie (nothing), Eastern Standard and more. Finally got a table at Sorellina at 6:30 - which was already busy and completely full by the time we left (sated, and not at all rushed) at 9ish. At least last weekend all looked rather recession-proof!

        Sorellina was excellent, by the way, but I love those shrimp and grits at HM.

      3. I just looked & the menu is quite different from what it was in August, the last time I went. But do have cocktails! They're marvelous.

        1. I was there Thursday with friends. The food was fantastic. I recommend the No. 10 cocktail, beef tongue, and the chicken.

          1. I'm going friday for the first time. I just check their menu. Do they not serve those deviled eggs anymore I've heard so much about? I can't eat seafood, so the chicken or steak better be awesome.

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            1. re: pink dress

              I had the steak when I went a few weeks ago. The steak itself was amazing, although the sides were just so-so (potato & something else I think)

            2. Beef tongue canapes! Also, order a bottle of wine. Any bottle. Their list is full of wonderfully chosen inexpensive wines.