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Hungry Mother

What recession? Made a reservation last night for next Saturday to celebrate hubs birthday. Have been dying to go here. Of all the posts I think there was only one negative one. I could only get a table @ 5:30 or 9p. That place must be hoppin.Whats your favorite thing on the menu?

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  1. Well, on Friday night at 6p I managed to book a Fri night 8:30pm table for 3. The joint was pretty well-populated, but not full, when we got there. Given that our past reservations there have been met with news that our table was "almost ready" -- and then we would wait for 20 min -- I was surprised that we had basically no wait at all once we arrived. Same-night availability of a prime-time table with quick seating looks to me like a reflection of the economy.

    The dinner, btw, was fabulous as always. I had the insanely rich and delish shrimp and grits. Yum!

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      Can't say enough good things about this place (and I've only been once!) As litchick says, get those shrimp & grits. Amazing. I also really enjoyed the side of cornbread w/sorghum....& if you are a catfish fan, that's excellent too.

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        All 3 of those are already on my list. :) Can't wait!!!

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        We tried to get a table for four at Hungry Mother for last Saturday (this was calling Thursday, admittedly late) - and could only get 5:30 or 9 or later. Similar options awaited us at Salts, Clio, Craigie (nothing), Eastern Standard and more. Finally got a table at Sorellina at 6:30 - which was already busy and completely full by the time we left (sated, and not at all rushed) at 9ish. At least last weekend all looked rather recession-proof!

        Sorellina was excellent, by the way, but I love those shrimp and grits at HM.

      3. I just looked & the menu is quite different from what it was in August, the last time I went. But do have cocktails! They're marvelous.

        1. I was there Thursday with friends. The food was fantastic. I recommend the No. 10 cocktail, beef tongue, and the chicken.

          1. I'm going friday for the first time. I just check their menu. Do they not serve those deviled eggs anymore I've heard so much about? I can't eat seafood, so the chicken or steak better be awesome.

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              I had the steak when I went a few weeks ago. The steak itself was amazing, although the sides were just so-so (potato & something else I think)

            2. Beef tongue canapes! Also, order a bottle of wine. Any bottle. Their list is full of wonderfully chosen inexpensive wines.

              1. I personally love this place: great and original food, super-friendly service, very laid-back atmosphere, terrific wine bargains. But some friends went after reading all the raves and suffered that too-high-expectations let-down, probably partly because the atmosphere is Cambridge fine dining vs. Boston fine dining, i.e., a lot less fancy looking for the price point. My only beef is that the specialty cocktails, though thoughtfully created and carefully constructed, just aren't all that appealing to me. They do a fine job with traditional cocktails, though, so that's a trivial issue in my book.

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                  I'm all about the food and service, the actually atmosphere itself is an afterthought to me if everything else falls into place. I thought it was a cozy spot, almost felt a bit like someone's living room. Reminded me a bit of the atmosphere at Oleana. Both casual, "less fancy looking" and cozy, which is what I prefer anyway.

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                    Agreed fully. I prefer the more casual feel of these sorts of spots - I'm not one who likes to get all dressed up and deal with a stuffy atmosphere, but I do appreciate good eats and good service.