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Oct 25, 2008 02:35 PM

Blue2O in Cherry Hill, NJ disappointed

Went to Blue2O in Cherry Hill, NJ last night, had heard some good things about it in the local newspapers. It is physically connected to the Chili's next door and looks nice on the outside and is attractive on the inside. While the bar service was friendly, when we were seated in a booth after all 4 members of our party arrived, we waited 10-15 minutes for someone to come by and then an apologetic waitress said she was sorry no one had picked us up. While waitress was pleasant enough, the food was S-L-O-W in coming out. We weren't in a hurry, but it was ridiculous, even for things like salad. Food itself wasn't bad, but nothing to write home about, especially given some of the high prices for the fish. I think a place like Bonefish, which is what this reminded me of, was better and more affordable. The soups and gumbo at Blue2O were especially weird/not good. The fish dishes, as you would hope, were the highlight.

Maybe opening month problems, but I doubt we will be back.

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  1. A friend and her husband went last week and were similarly disapponted. She said the meal was terrible and expensive. With these economic times, certainly not a place I will ever bother trying. She did say the decor was nice, and it would be a great place to go for a drink, but that was about it. I doubt she'll be back either.

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      We went back again and this time ate at the bar. It was a better experience, but for the price I'd still go to other places, even Chili's next door. I will say, though, that the service was much better this time and the drinks were good, so maybe they are slowly improving.

    2. We have gone twice. We always got excellent service and the appetizers are great. They have a tuna tartar that is excellent. I would give it another try. The entrees are a bit over priced by a few dollars but they are all very good.