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Oct 25, 2008 01:58 PM

Help with food/wine pairing

I am going to a mystery wine tasting and have been asked to bring 2 bottles of white wine with an appetizer that pairs with my choices. I think I am going to bring a Grgich Hills Estates 2006 Fume Blanc. Any recommendations on what appetizer I could make? Thanks

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  1. A lot of "snacky" food will go great with your wine choice, classic pairing would be goat cheese, you could make little crustades with goat cheese, with savory and sweet toppings. Or any grilled item and serve room temperature, like veggies or shrimp. If you did shrimp you could do asian influence. Thinking about the goat cheese, you could make flatbread, topped with crumbled goat, cheese, sweet carmelized onion and bacon. Everyone loves bacon!!! Luckily for you, you have chosen a very versatile wine.