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Oct 25, 2008 01:45 PM

Help for Monday!

I have a reservation at the following restaurants: Perilla, Alta and Stanton Social for Monday night. Which one is best for a low key birthday celebration, just two people, but not romantic (I'm going with my mother)?
The other option is to go down to Balthazar without a reservation and wait for a this plausible around 8pm on a Monday night?

One other question: I am looking for a gastro-pub type atmosphere in the West Village area, not expensive, but not just a bar food place. Any suggestions??

Thank you!!

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  1. I've only been to Perilla and therefore can only tell you that I really loved it. It would be perfect for a low key birthday with your mom and it's not romantic.
    I had an amazing meal there in June....excellent pork belly app, and a really good halibut with a romesco sauce. I had the donuts for dessert, and also tried my companion's red velvet cake...that wasn't great.
    Let us know where you decide.

    1. Definitely Perilla. Alta and Stanton Social are both loud and crowded. SS is pretty much more scene than food, and far from low key.

      For gastropub, The Spotted Pig.

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        I think we are actually going to head down to Balthazar...heard great things!