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Oct 25, 2008 01:18 PM

DF - Aguila y Sol Substitute?

Due to the sad demise of my favorite restaurant in the world, we have to find a new splurge restaurant for our next DF trip.

We have been to Pujol as well, and didn't like it as much as Aguila Y Sol.

We know about Izote and Contramar, and Azul y Oro at UNAM. Any others we should consider?

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  1. El bajío, La ex-Hacienda de tlalpan, el cardenal, san angel inn, barbacoa de Murillo en Mixcoac, la Fonda 99.9, el bar La Opera, Pizza Pasta e Amore on Carillo Puerto, Sunday´s lunch buffette at el chapulín hotel, maría bonita (is it still there?) Kohinoor, Barraca Orraca, Adetto, de little restaurant at Desierto de los Leones Convent, El Covadonga, Los Almendros, Brasilerísimo, Café de Paris (Vito Alessio Robles), Chateau de la Palma, Elago, Konditori, hda de los morales, L´Heritage, Los Fondues......

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    1. re: Xacinta

      Thank you Xacinta! Sorry, I should have added that we are looking for an "alta cocina mexicana" type of place, like Aguila y Sol was. Which of these might qualify?

      Of this list, we've also been to San Angel Inn, Hacienda de los Morales, and La Opera, and while we loved them, we wouldn't really consider them in the same league as A&S in terms of food quality.

      1. re: Maya

        alta cocina mexicana....mmmm, let´s see.....i know what traditional Mexican cuisine is, good Mexican food, fusion cuisine (which many times is just con-fusion), nueva cocina mexicana (ibid). Alta cocina, i don´t know, what do you mean, expensive? It is dificult for me to define it, something like wanting to find a class of competitive yoga.

    2. Alta Cocina Mexicana -- my definition -- traditional recipes translated by the chef, someone with a firm grasp of ingredients and technique, into sublime flavors, aromas and visual beauty.
      Not only the food, but the service and ambience must also shine.
      There is no food tag that can be interpreted objectively, we filter all sensory experiences through memory and also through our own expectations.
      Hey, but that's only me
      Every cuisine, every food goes through evolutionary progression, sometimes good, sometimes terrible.
      Keep tasting.
      And now for the suggestions:
      Paxia restaurant in San Angel on Ave. de la Paz Chef Daniel Ovaida
      Solea in Polanco W hotel Campos Elysieo Chef Eduardo Osuna.

      Not mexican, but definitely with mexican influences is Biko on Pres. Masaryk in Polanco Chefs Mikel Alonso and Bruno Otezia, former Arzak alums/ Tezka.
      Tezka no longer has Arzak as consultant.
      Coming Dec. 1 in the Zona Rosa, one of Mexico's star chefs, Margarita Salinas de Carrillo will be opening Casa Mexico on Calle Genova. Margarita will be commuting between her award winning restaurant Don Emiliano which is in Los Cabos and the DF. I can't wait, she's an incredible master of flavors.

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      1. re: Ruth in Condechi

        Great tips, thanks everyone. Had a good lunch at el Cardenal and quite a nice dinner (fabulous dessert!) at Fonda del Refugio. I walked out of Hcd de los morales, it was that bad!

        1. re: Ruth in Condechi

          I also heartily recommend Paxia. It's great!!! There is the one on Av. La Paz and also one in Santa Fe (in the same building as the NH hotel, av, Juan Salvador Agraz I believe).

          1. re: profmaher

            I have to say that going to the Santa Fe area is akin to having 4 wisdom teeth extracted at the same time!

            Also, much as I like the younger Mexican chefs some can go TOO FAR in trying to wow the diner.