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Oct 25, 2008 01:10 PM

Best pizza in Cobble Hill?

Hey there. We just moved to Cobble Hill and are looking for a great pizza place. (We just tried the pizza at La Pizzetta on Atlantic and loved it.) Know any others? Thanks everyone.

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  1. Lucali's is close by in Carroll Gardens, and widely regarded as the best around the area. It's always a wait for dinner though, and no delivery.

    Our local Cobble Hill go-to's are Layla Jones (square pizzas, always excellent imo), Caruso's (nothing special but around the corner...reliable but I preferred when they put sesame seeds on the crust), Sam's on Court St (avoid everything but the pizza there..but the pizza is very good). World Pie isnt bad, in Carroll Gardens. My Little Pizzeria has a buffalo moz version of their pizza which would be better if they used more salt in their crust....the sauce and cheese are great but the crust doesnt have enough flavor.

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      Oh, Lucali's sounds good. Thanks for the help. We'll check these places out.

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        Welcome to the neighborhood!

        Just a heads-up on Lucali. While I find it to be EXCELLENT, it's also has been VERY popular. That it was just named the best pizza in NYC by Zagat (it beat out DiFara by 1/10th of a point) is probably only going to add the crowds -- and most likely with semi-clueless pizza seekers from Manhattan.

        In my experience, the best way to minimize the wait is to get there around 5:30. They take names at the door around then and then unlock the doors around 6pm. Odds are that if you're there at 5:30 you'll be seated right at 6pm. While you wait you can walk around the lovely neighborhood.

        Again, welcome to the neighborhood and enjoy your food hunts.


      2. re: Nehna

        Re Layla Jones: I agree and disagree :D

        It's rare that I disagree with even small pieces of Nehna's posts, but I wouldn't classify Layla's pizza as excellent. It is definitely fine (in the best sense - perhaps "very good?") when it comes out of the oven, if you're eating in. However, I find that on delivery or even take-out, it's already declined by the time you dig in at home.

        If you happen to have kids, though, I cannot recommend enough a meal with kids in Layla's back garden. Early in dinnertime, the place is usually pretty empty and the kids can run around a bit, and a whole pie with perhaps a side of meatballs (and a six-pack from the grocery store, it's still BYOB last time I asked) will make everyone happy. Not sure how long the back garden will be available going into winter, but it's worth a try in good weather.

        This is meant as a positive review, with the one minus that it just doesn't travel all that well.

        (PS - We really liked Lucali's, but thought it was a bit overrated - hard not to be. If you go don't skip the calzone, it was the best part)

        1. re: cazique

          Yeah I know I'm not necessarily in the majority with my (and my husband's) fondness for LJ. But I do stand behind what I said :) We really are rarely disappointed and like that the style of pizza making feels lighter than standard round, thicker fare. One can be a little greasy when delivered if you go heavy on the meat toppings.