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Oct 25, 2008 12:53 PM


Is there any fun places in the city that's a great place for a Chocoholic to go?


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  1. Your question is too vague. Sit down? Take out? Bakery? Counter service? Restaurant? Casual or part of a tasting menu/prix fixe? Need a dessert tasting menu? Afternoon? Dinner? Late night? Price point? Traditional or nouveau?

    Best chocolate chip cookies

    Best chocolate ice cream

    Best box of chocolates

    Best hot chocolate

    Manhattan chocolate tour

    I would also look into the chocolate desserts at Jean-Georges, Chikalicious, Chikalicious Dessert Bar, WD-50, Tailor, Blue Ribbon Brasserie or Blue Ribbon Bakery, Payard, Dessert Truck, Kyotofu, Bouchon Bakery. Stay away from Max Brenner.

      1. if you're just looking for a good chocolatier, Kee's is highly reccomended on this board and I'm a big fan.

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          I like Pierre Marcolini and Leonidas.