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Oct 25, 2008 10:33 AM

inexpensive, un-trendy dinner tonight in Meatpacking District: an impossible dream?

My friend, her boyfriend, and I are going a party tonight at the Gansevoort Hotel and would like to have dinner beforehand someplace nearby. We would like to spend no more than $50pp and aren't interested in a "scene." Any type of cuisine will do. I'm a total 'hound, and while they're not as adventurous as I am (In terms of spiciness, offal, ordering food off foreign-language menus having no idea you're getting, etc), they have a predilection for quality over flash.

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  1. What about Vento Trattoria on Hudson? Reasonably priced and I think the food is good. It is not a "scene" as Pastis is or was, but it is not really fly under the radar. I also like Fig & Olive on 13th. It is much larger than the one uptown.

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      how about La Nacional on 14th and 7th - close enough to the Meatpacking District and delicious! sometimes I miss Rio Mar...

    2. I am a concierge in the Meatpacking District. Here are my recommendations: Los Dados, Vento or Highline (Thai). Both great choices where you should be able to eat for less than 50pp for two entrees, couple of drinks etc.

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        El Faro is untrendy, It was on Horatio St. long before the Meat Packing area was trendy

      2. The Diner on 14th Street. It has awesome food, wallet friendly and has a fun scene. Try the Kobe Beef Sliders.

        1. Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone. We ended up at Los Dados, and it was just right.