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Oct 25, 2008 09:25 AM

What do you bring to nosh on when you travel by airplane?

I have a weird fear of being stuck on a plane without food. Usually, I bring the Trader Joe's dried mango, a bar of Green & Black milk chocolate, some cookies, and 2 bottles of water. I try to eat a meal before boarding, and Inever bring fruit because I feel like the wetness grabs onto all of the plane air (I know, weird). What do you bring to eat on planes?

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  1. You've got it right! Like you, I never travel without chocolate. Too many things can happen to put one in a bad mood or just stress one out--like the plane sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours before take off--so that the chocolate becomes therapeutic as well as nourishing. When I have homemade cookies, I take those, too. Otherwise, I pack Japanese rice crackers. (I've tried cheddar cheese, but I think airplane air dulls the flavor and aroma.) And one of those overpriced bottles of water is also a necessity on longer flights when flying coach. Hmmmm, maybe I should just pack a plastic bottle and have it filled on board.

    1. You can bring food on planes? Last time we flew in September there was a big sign that you couldn't bring food or water from the "outside" in Terrorist Land.

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        You can bring food as long as it isn't gel/liquid food. What is considered gel/liquid depends on the TSA person you encounter. You could pack gels/liquids in 3oz containers in your quart sized bag, but that's too much of a pain for me. As far as dried fruit, nuts, candy, snack bars and such, they shouldn't be a problem.

        I typically toss a couple of Luna bars and an apple in my bag, plus my water bottle to be filled at a water fountain. I inevitably abandon my well-meaning plans and buy a king size bag of peanut m&m's and a soda in the terminal.

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          1. I don't nosh on airplanes, I feast. Shrimp cocktail. Fine cheeses. Pate. French bread. My little 4.5 liter cooler serves me well. No stinky stuff as a courtesy. Liquids are not allowed.