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Oct 25, 2008 09:10 AM

Best Cheese Shop in LA?

Hi, I'm looking for a place to buy some outstanding cheese for a friend who really loves it! I'm not an expert--any recs?

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  1. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills (


    Also do a search on LA Chowhound - you will find other discussions

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      concur... boy this place smells... cheese-y. but the staff is really knowledgable and helpful, and though not necessarily for you, certainly keen on sampling. easy to park in the public lot for two hours free too.

    2. Agree to do a search - this topic has been discussed many times.

      In addition to CSBH, I'd recommend Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City.

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        With Artisan Cheese Gallery you have to know two things: first, forget about buying cheese during the lunch rush (they serve excellent sandwiches but the focus shifts to the sandwiches and it can get CROWDED); second, you have to get the right person. There's an older guy in there who has mood swings and it can be a real trial to deal with him. I find that if I suspect I'm being led astray, I just ask Melody (the owner), who is nearly always there.

        As much as I like ACG -- and I do -- CSBH is a better resource for cheese. It is, however, a little more uppity and quite a lot more expensive than either ACG or the Cheese Store of Silverlake.

        If you're down in Orange County, a limited (but tasty) selection can be had at Frog's Breath just off the Orange Circle.

      2. One other thought...and this is directed mainly at people who cannot easily get to the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills (like me!). If you know what you want, is an excellent source for pretty much any reasonably available cheese. True it's a bit more expensive (especially due to the shipping costs), but its selection is excellent and its customer service outstanding...they totally stand behind everything they sell. I've purchased from them several times and have always had an A+ experience. Check out their website, it's pretty amazing what they all have!

        1. All great suggestions already mentioned. Depending where you are located:

          Westwood: Jenny at Wally's Wine
          Beverly HIlls: Norbert at BH Cheese
          Third Street: Joan's on Third
          Silverlake: Chris at The Cheese Store of Silverlake

          I haven't been to Andrew's in Santa Monica yet, but that is also an option.

          Hollywood: Froma

          1. Not a traditional cheese store, but I bought some great cheeses a couple of weeks ago at Bay Cities in Santa Monica. The Grano Padano was a big crowd pleaser.

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            1. re: Juji

              Doesn't Surfas carry some cheese too?

              1. re: hobomike

                Yes. Not as great a selection as at the other places mentioned, but they do carry a few good ones.

                1. re: a213b

                  though some great options, it's what they have, when they have it. i've rarely found the same cheese in the case twice.