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Oct 25, 2008 08:38 AM

Au Pied de Cochon!

Per the recommendations of this group, my group of five and I made a reservation for Sat. night, and we are already loosening our belts in anticipation. I would just like to bathe in foie gras.

Problem is, we have one vegetarian and one picky will-eat-chicken-and-maybe-fish-if-you-trick-her in the group. The rest of us are adventurous meat eaters, for whom APDC is nothing short of nirvana.

Are there any recommendations for what we can do with our more-animal-friendly-and-less-joyful companions? Is it cruel of us to drag them along? Can we feed them bread and twigs all night? I'm just not sure if there are enough veg. options on the menu, and if someone has been there before and can let me know, I will be most grateful.

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  1. There will be salt cod fritters, smoked mackerel app, and a fish special or two for your maybe fish-eating friend. Your vegetarian friend will be limited to a couple of salads, the tomato tartlet, mashed potatoes, and desserts. PDC is not a veggie friendly place.

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    1. re: rcianci

      "Your vegetarian friend will be limited to a couple of salads, the tomato tartlet, mashed potatoes, and desserts."

      Yes, but this person might be one of the few who can order the pudding chomeur and the chocolat pot de creme and enjoy every bite! There is a silver lining to everything!

      Now if your friend is vegan, well, get them to eat ahead of time.

      1. re: moh

        Yeah, if the vegetarian doesn't do dairy or eggs then basically it's down to the green salad. Oh wait, hard cider counts as a fruit doesn't it? :)

      2. re: rcianci

        The tomato tartlet is superb, however. I can't remember if PDC has a selection of cheeses. I thought they had some fish dishes as well, but I would not eat fish there, based upon the horrible seafood platter I had there this summer.

        1. re: souschef

          I dined there at the end of September with five friends. Among the plates we ordered were the crab tart, the scallop ceviche, the tuna special and the smoked mackerel appetizer. Whatever seafood malfunction you experienced last Summer was not in evidence that night as all the dishes were excellent.

          1. re: souschef

            I too had some really great fish there.... They baked it in that pizza oven they have :)

        2. On a recent visit my vegetarian girlfriend ordered the tomato tartlet as well as the blue cheese, apple and endive salad. Though we had our reservations about whether or not she would be able to enjoy the APDC experience (let's face it, the over-the-top carnivorous spirit of the place can be off-putting for those who do not eat meat), she really enjoyed her food and the experience as a whole. In fact, we are planning our next visit soon.
          Though the options may be limited to a few appetizers for vegetarians (and basically non-existent for vegans), the portions are sufficiently large and delicious that it is possible for a vegetarian to have an enjoyable meal at APDC, if only to appease their meat-eating dining companions. It is always nice when restaurants recognize the fact that some people may want meat-free meals and take the time to ensure that these meals are up to the same standards as the rest of the menu. I can't tell you how many times we have been to a nice restaurant which only offers the ubiquitous and uninteresting green salad and plain pasta options. Obviously I wouldn't recommend APDC as a destination for vegetarians but it is possible for a vegetarian to have an enjoyable meal there.
          Oh yeah, and I second Moh's comments about having room for the pudding chomeur and chocolat pot de creme.

          1. They also have a french onion soup. However it is heavy on the cheese (don't know if this acceptable to your friend) and may be a beef based onion broth. Be aware as well, the cheese is not some over-the-counter bland cheddar, but rather a prescription-strength heady matured variety.

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            1. re: porker

              According to the cookbook, it's made with pork stock and beer. Also there are lardons mixed in with the onions. Actually, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Time for lunch!

              1. re: rcianci

                OK nix the FO soup for the vegetarian :-$

                1. re: rcianci

                  i know you've already confirmed the presence of pork stock and lardons... but i've got to say that at first whiff it's pretty much known that it's not vegetarian. it tasted more like smokey pork soup with a hint of onion to me!

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    Yeah, they say that before using it to make soup, they enrich the stock by poaching their cured pork products in it. So I can well believe that it's smokey (and plenty salty too.)

              2. Two of us made the pilgramage from New Hampshire about a month ago.... and still reveling in the memory of an exceptional experience. One of the plates we ordered was a simply named "beet salad" - which among ordinary people would have sufficed as a vegeterian entree. Wish I knew how to post the pic I took of it. We came back home and failed at several attempts to recreate what appeared to be a simple dish! Hope they still have it for your dining pleasure.
                In any case, they are very friendly and I am sure they will have something that your friend will love - if not .... perhaps you can ask them to make you something "off menu".

                Happy mangia-ing!

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                1. re: cornFusion

                  I am heading to Montreal at the end of November with three seniors (70+) who enjoy good food but do not like a high level of noise in restos (makes it harder than usual to communicate with their hearing difficulties) -- is APDC very loud? would you recommend it for seniors? thanks in advance for all replies...

                  1. re: berbere

                    APDC is quite loud, as are Leméac, L'Express, Holder and several others that are mentioned frequently on this board.

                    But there are several quieter places you can go to as well. Pintxo, Les Infideles, Le Bleu Raisin are a few off the top of my head.

                    1. re: mainsqueeze

                      Thanks, mainsqueeze! What do you think of Europea, L'epicier, Le chasse et peche? Would you also know if Les Infideles, bleu raisin and others allow byow?

                      btw, we will be staying in old montreal, at Hotel XIXe Siecle...

                      1. re: berbere

                        Les Infideles and Bleu Raisin are both BYOW. I've had dinner at Les Infideles twice and have been quite pleased with the food. The service is not very formal there but they're friendly. I've only dined at Bleu Raisin once and I quite enjoyed the venison dish I had there.

                        I have not been to Europea, Chez L'Epicier or Club Chasse et Peche but there are numerous mentions on these boards so if you do a bit of searching you'll find a lot of talk about them. None of these are BYOW.

                        1. re: berbere

                          I was in Montreal last weekend and dined at both chasse et peche and L'epicier. Both were excellent and both would be good if you want something on the quiet side.

                            1. re: danman

                              Considering that the music's usually quite loud at Club Chasse et Peche, I would hesitate to bring a group of seniors there. Personally, I love the atmosphere, but for those with hearing difficulties, it could prove challenging.

                          1. re: mainsqueeze

                            I wouldn't describe Le Bleu Raisin as especially quiet, especially on a weekend. When I went there last winter I loved the food and the service but found the noise a serious nuisance. (And I'm not a senior!) That said, if you can hit the place on a quieter night earlier in the week (call ahead and ask what would be best), I'd definitely recommend it.