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Oct 25, 2008 08:27 AM

Dozen Bake Shop, Lawrenceville

Don't hear much mention of this place on chowhound so I wanted to bring it up. They serve Intelligentsia coffee (free refills!), their space is a very nice place to to relax or catch up on paperwork (free wi-fi) and their pastries are pretty darn good too. I'll admit I go there more for the coffee and free wi-fi, but I just wanted to make people aware of the place. The Strip was super busy today, couldn't find parking, so I headed over to Dozen and got a parking spot no problem. The best part is a coffee and a sweet will set you back only about $4. Great deal considering you can spend $3 or more just on a cup of Intelligenstia elsewhere in the city.

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  1. Rick,
    Is this affiliated w/ the Dozen cupcakes in SqHill?

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    1. re: QSheba

      Yes, same people according to their web site.

      1. re: QSheba

        Same owners. The Lawrenceville shop expands the menu from cupcakes to baked goods. Haven't made it to brunch yet, but have heard it's quite good.

      2. And Schmuel is a pretty darned good barista. But knowing what they're paying for Intelli coffee, gotta think those free refills aren't going to be around forever!

        Which brings up a good point... does one expect free refills of their beer or wine? Because that's how good coffee should be thought of. It's that kind of mindset that hinders investment in quality shops that serve quality coffee. Just sayin...

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        1. re: Panini Guy

          Is Lawrenceville in PA? Wouldnt this be better on the Mid Atlantic Board? Or is there a Lawrenceville PA I do not know of?

          1. re: cwdonald

            It's a neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

          2. re: Panini Guy

            I don't know Panini Guy, they've had the press pots of Intelli coffee out since they've opened. Also, they give a cup that's on the small side, 6 ounces I'm guessing, so that should help cut down on people being wasteful with their refills. I don't expect free refills on beer or wine, but it sure would be nice, right!? And put it this way, the free refills on coffee have drawn me away from other coffee shops and to Dozen. You always end up buying something in addition to the coffee when you're there.