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Oct 25, 2008 08:00 AM

Brown Rice Risotto

I love risotto but want to try going healthier with it making it with brown rice instead of Arborio short grained rice. Does anyone out there have a basic recipe for brown rice risotto? I searched this board and couldn't come up with anything. Also I realize a short grained rice is usually used for risotto so along with a recipe I would appreciate a rec. of where to find short grained brown rice. I'm located in the Northeast Ohio area.


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  1. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but if it's made with brown rice, it isn't going to be a risotto. Risotto is characterized by the creamy nature that comes from the starch in the arborio or other short grained rice that the method calls for. I think if you used brown rice in a traditional risotto recipe, it would end up gummy rather than creamy, which isn't really the result you want with a risotto.

    If you want to feature brown rice, I'd do a dish more like a pilaf, where brown or wild rice can easily be incorporated into a standard recipe -- you would just have to adjust cooking times. You can add veggies or meat as an accent to the pilaf, sort of as you would a risotto, to make it into a meal rather than a side dish.

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      Beg to differ: I regularly make risotto from short-grain brown rice. It comes out lovely and creamy, just like the risottos I make with arborio. Requires more liquid, more time, and more aggressive stirring. Last week's version had fennel, leeks, and Fontina. It was mighty fine.

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        I guess it's all in the kind of brown rice you use. The kind I've made seems like it would not work well for risotto. Is it a particular brand/variety of short grained brown rice you've used?

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          It's short-grain brown rice that I buy in bulk from the co-op.

    2. Have you tried making it with farro (spelt) instead of rice? That's pretty traditional, healthy and delicious. Barley will work as well. I did a Gordon Ramsay version a few weeks ago and it was a big hit.

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