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takeout in Toronto

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Other than Pusateri's, can anyone recommend places in Toronto that does restaurant -quality food that can be taken home and warmed up later for dinner?

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    1. Dash Kitchen on Danforth and Marcket on St Clair W (near Christie).

      1. Summerhill Market...Marimba!

        1. Welcome to Chowhound kenc. What neighbourhood might you be looking in for 'heat & serve' foods?

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              If Central means Yonge & Eg kinda area, then Marimba and JamieK's are probably the closest both in proximity and what you're looking for. If you're further downtown than that, please let us know.

          1. Hi kenc, almost all restaurants in Toronto offer takeout. Just ask at the front or call, they will accomodate. Many will even offer paper menus for you to take home. Heating up usually takes only a few minutes in the oven or microwave. Welcome to Toronto!!!

            1. Pantry has good takeaway dishes. I haven't tried the hot foods but go there regularly for baked good and coffee. It's just on College, just west of Dovercourt.

              1. Daniel et Daniel has a catering business but also an on site food shop.

                1. Urban Fare on Bathurst just South of St Clair has amazing quality take out. prepared...Miranda

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                    I saw Urban Fare the other day. Is there an Urban Fare in Vancouver and is this a branch store? What do they have?

                  2. Hey I need help with this too... I live at Queen and University, any places for cheap takeout other than noodles and Indian food?

                    1. You might want to try Pimenton on Mt Pleasant. They are doing daily menus for spanish takeout, looks very promising and well presented.