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Oct 25, 2008 07:09 AM

theresa's - what took me so long? ;)

I always vaguely remembered there was a Polish restaurant in BH, having been many years ago before I lived around here.

We stumbled past it yesterday with in-laws and our newborn, on a walk, and ended up having a remarkably tasty lunch. Loved the perogies (we had them fried, one order of potato, one of cheese. the cheese were my favorite...and loved the carmelized onions on top). I had stuffed cabbage, which was a massive portion, along with kasha and sauteed sauerkraut/mushrooms. Reminded me of food I grew up with that my mom made.

And food was CHEAP. $65 for 5 people with a very generous amount ordered.

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  1. It's Teresa's by the way. Hey, I told you to go there when we had dinner at Queen more than a year ago! But did you listen? Apparently not. At any rate, dinner aint half bad either, especially since they deliver to our doorstep... roast chicken, meatloaf, the stuffed cabbage, all good. Avoid the coffee... it sucks. And congratulations on the baby.

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    1. re: Steve R

      haha..yeah, I guess you did tell us about that :) glad we finally made it over

      and thanks steve :)

      1. re: Nehna

        Would one of you be kind enough to describe the style of stuffed cabbage? I believe there was an extremely long thread on the subject of 'proper' SC on the General many of us define our sc by what east european region our ancestors were from. I'm curious how Teresa's does theirs. Tomato sauce, a few raisins, rice in the meat......I'm glad we can't time travel because I don't want to reality-check grandma's stuffed cabbage (last enjoyed in the late 60's). I would rather just remember it as the best. :>)
        But I'd like to try Teresa's.

        1. re: JonL

          Teresa is Polish. They use rice but no raisins in the stuffed cabbage (green and white leaves) and I'm not totally sure if its veal or mixed meat. Sweet tomato sauce, thinned.

          1. re: Steve R

            Thanks. Grandma was from an area that was Polish, Ukranian or Rumanian, depending on the day of the week, from my understanding. Yeah--thin tomato sauce but sort of sweet & sour with the raisins. I'll try Teresa's, for sure.

          2. re: JonL

            Don't bother with the Stuffed Cabbage at TERESA'S It is served in a bland Tomato Cream Sauce that is not to everyone's taste.

            We had Jewish neighbors when I was growing up, and we loved being invited to their Friday night dinners when Stuffed Cabbage was the centerpiece. I remember it was very flavorful meat with rice, and the sauce was dark, caramelized sweet and sour with raisins. . The closest I ever found to it was the Stuffed Cabbage at JUNIOR'S. I don't think it is on the menu anymore.

            1. re: Nehna

              My experience is of of dining at Teresa's since it opened, and going there often with many different people.

              The consensus is that the dishes with the cream sauces like the Stuffed Cabbage are NOT what people remember from the Stuffed Cabbage of their childhood.

              The food at TERES'AS is plentiful, fresh, inexpensive, (although the prices do keep going up). The downside is that it is very bland and un inventive. Most of the vegetables are totally blah- overly steamed and unseasoned.

              The Breakfasts are great, good omelets and Home Fries, French Toast and Pancakes.

              The Blintzes are delicious, and are freshly made for each order as are the Pierogi. Kielbasa broiled is excellent.

              The Burger and Fries are always good.

              There is much better food in the neighborhood, but for price, TERESA'S can't be beat.

              1. re: Fleur

                Whether or not its what you remember of your childhood -- it is different from what my mother made as well -- is irrelevant to whether they are tasty and worth having. Which in my opinion they are.

              2. re: Fleur

                That's just how stuffed cabbage should be Fleur. My mother made hers with crumbled gingersnaps in the sauce. It was still thin, but it was infused with that gingery, sweet, tart taste. I also love Teresa's mushroom barley soup and their white borscht.

                1. re: Claire

                  My mother also used gingersnaps and the sauce was sweet.

        2. the orange ricotta pancakes (only served on the weekend) are great!

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          1. re: kazhound

            Ditto on the Orange Ricotta Pancakes. The French Toast is great, too. Almost all their Breakfast food is excellent, especially the omelettes.

            Only annoyance, a 50 cents surcharge after 4 pm.

            1. re: Fleur

              Agreed. With such reasonable prices it shoud be at least a $1 :-}