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Oct 25, 2008 06:14 AM

Desperate plea for mac and cheese recipe!

About 4 years ago Saveur Magazine did a special issue on American artisanal cheeses (Issue #83, I think). There was a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese made with Fiscalini Cheddar in that issue and I'm dying to make it.
I checked out the recipe search on the Saveur website but I don't think the mac and cheese recipe listed is the same one.

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  1. This recipe doesn't specify a brand of cheese, but it does say the recipe came from issue #83.

    1. Vespa1 gmm directed you to my blog where I posted the Mac and Cheese recipe I made from this issue of Saveur. (thanks gmm)
      The recipe did not state Fiscalini Cheddar in the recipe but it could have been mentioned in the article about cheese . Here's what it says in the Mac and Cheese recipe.
      "1 lb aged cheddar cheese, such as Shelburne Farms Two-Year Farmhous Cheddar"

      O.K. I just cruised through the article and it was mentioned in the Welsh Rabbit recipe, which of course does not contain rabbit. ;-)
      E mail me, address on my blog, and I'll send the recipe to you.


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      1. re: starkoch

        Old post on mac and cheese - looks good and will give it a go.
        Will have to use Tillamook 2 YO Cheddar, though. Good stuff.
        Imma a Saveur fan. JW

      2. I just emailed for input on my version - Brie, N.Z. sharp cheddar, cream cheese and a smokey gouda - I think one could really use just about any combo that melts well together. How bad can brie be in a mac and cheese recipe??

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          Brie can be WAY too salty in a mac & cheese recipie; and it just gets lost in there...