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Oct 25, 2008 06:10 AM

287 s to bedminster


for the next 6 weeks I'll be driving 87 to 287S to bedminster, nj. I've already stopped a couple of times for newark style dogs at jimmy buffs in east hanover. great dogs , close your eyes while you eat

Anything else worth trying? Not looking for haute cuisine, looking for dog and burger shacks, good ethnic food, etc. bedminster seems kinda light in this respect....


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  1. Raul's Empanadas on Washington St in Morristown - get off 287 S at the Ridgedale Ave. exit.

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    1. re: bropaul

      wow, did a search, thanks for the suggestion, that's monday dinner.

    2. Some places to consider around Bedminster.
      In Bedminster:
      - Willie's Tavern has a decent hamburger. Only that.
      - Mike's cafe' makes decent sandwiches and paninis. Nothing to drive there for, but if you are around and need something quick...I seem to remember that the ice cream too is not bad, but it's been a while since I had it.
      - There is a hot dog van on 206 South, just North of Bedminster, IIRC approx near the intersection with Old Dutch Rd. I have been meaning to try it but haven't so far. I usually pass in front of it when I am on the bike.

      In Pluckemin:
      - The Japanese on Burnt Mills Rd at the intersection with 206 South. The name escapes me now. Good sushi.
      - Tuscany Bistro on the AP shopping center at the intersection of 206 and Washington Valley rd. A decent Italian.

      In Gladstone:
      - Dominick's pizza. A little shack near the train station. Pizza is good, thin crust. I didn't try anything else.

      You're right, there's not much ethnic food around there. For that you'd have to drive to Bridgewater/ Raritan/ Somerville.

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        "- The Japanese on Burnt Mills Rd at the intersection with 206 South. The name escapes me now. Good sushi."

        Kiku -- -- although it's nothing to go out of your way for. Better to get off 287 at rt.10 east in Whippany and go to Nikko.