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Oct 25, 2008 05:59 AM

287 South to bedminster chow stops?


for the next 6 weeks I'll be driving 87 to 287S to bedminster, nj. I've already stopped a couple of times for newark style dogs at jimmy buffs in east hanover. great dogs , close your eyes while you eat

Anything else worth trying? Not looking for haute cuisine, looking for dog and burger shacks, good ethnic food, etc.


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  1. yes, the infamous Jimmy Buffs, East Hanover...
    You may want to try Raul's Empanadas, in Morristown, which is good (and cheap). It has received a lot of good buzz since openinga year or two ago. It is on Morris Street, and there is a Lafayette/Morris St. exit off of and back onto 287. Just don't park in the parking lot across the street (strip mall with a burger king) as people are often towed. There is a parking lot behind Raul's (behind neighboring Duncan Doughnuts).
    this link might help, I'm sure if you google, you find news clippings as well.
    If I think of others I'll post.

    1. A few within five minutes of 287 ...

      Lahori Kebab: A new Pakistani restaurant on Main Street, Boonton.

      Miami Rice: A year-old rice pudding shop on First Avenue in Denville.

      Viking Bakery: Also on First Avenue in Denville, it's one of the few bakeries around here with Norwegian specialties.

      Two pork stores, each a mile off the Wanaque exit in opposite directions: Farm View Pork Store on Wanaque Avenue in Pompton Lakes has the better selection. The Meating Place on Ringwood Avenue in the Haskell section of Wanaque, makes more of its own stuff.

      1. For Burgers....both on Route 46 West in Parsippany:

        West of 287 is Fuddruckers:

        East of 287 is Five Guys:

        For Japanese/Shushi on Route 10 East in Morris Plains there is Minado Buffet:

        For Chinese there is Noodle Chu and Top Quality Market East of 287 on Route 46 East. Noodle Chu is a pleasant restaurant that many consider one of the better choices in the area and receives attention here on Chowhouns. Top Quality has a daily lunch and dinner special that offers a combination of three items with rice and soup for less than $6.00. You can also get four pot stickers for $1.00. They also have other Chinese Barbeque Specials such as Red Roast Pork, Roasted Pig, Soy Sauce Chicken and Roasted Duck. You can prchase these individually by weight, half poultry or full poultry....or on rice for about $5.00 A little further on rout 46 West in Fairfield is Hunan Cottage, considered a top Shanghainese spot(I believe). The following link will give you an idea of the food with pictures:

        Just off Route 46 on Beverwyck Road in the Lake Hiawatha section of town there are many ethnic restaurants, take out restaurants and delies, such as Middle Eastern, Thai and Polish. For Thai there is Pat Thai wich was voted one of the best cheap eats in the State in New Jersey Monthly Magazine last year. For Polish, there is Passport International. You can get Polish Specialties, soup or pierogies...Chicken or Pork Cutlets with vegetable and potato for $6.00 or less. Middle Eastern....sorry, but have not tried any. Last, there is a new Chinese Restaurant named Chef 81 that is excellent and see the Munchmobile review above for details and suggestions. I had the Red Roast Pork Shoulder, Braised Duck, Sizzling ToFu and Vegetables and Spicy Fish with Lettuce Wraps....all excellent.

        1. I agree with Noodle Chu and Chef 81 in Parsippany for good ethnic chinese food.

          For mexican food you can try:

          or Malaysian food:

          both are more expensive than a noodle place are in East Hanover

          For good turkish food, go to denville:

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          1. re: northNJfoodie

            fellow hounds,

            thank you so much for the recommendations. I'll try to get to all of them during my 6 week tenure and post a report.


            1. re: vinouspleasure

              Immediately south of the 87 / 287 intersection (about two miles down Rt. 17 ) is Kinchley's Tavern for thin crust pizza. Bar atmosphere with tables, it's the best pizza in the area. I like the Fresh Garlic with Black Olives! The exit would be Franklin Tpke northand then 1/2 mile on the right. A mile or so farther up Franklin Tpke (on the left) there's a pizza place which is more New York Style in the Grimaldi, Patsy's Brooklyn Coal Oven style. The same exit, but turning back onto 17 north will bring you to Greek City which is in the Kohl's mall. Very good Greek BYOB. Closer to the Denville / Boonton area is Reservoir Tavern (exit 45?). Haven't been there, but the reviews are good. Similar vibe, I'd imagine, to Kinchley's. Get off 287 at exit 58? (Oakland) and there's Cafe L'Amore, a BYOB in a strip mall on your left just after you pass back under 287. Left at the exit light and then left at the next light. Almost 'immediately' at the exit, on your right will be Due, a brand new place that has gotten some favorable press. Suffern N.Y., also at the intersection of 87 / 287 has a number of places. Dona Maria and La Hacienda for Mexican, Cafe Dolce for Italian and alsoo an Indian restaraunt, the name of which I can't remember but it's directly across the street from Dona Maria. Rosmary and Sage in Bloomingdale gets good reviews although it's a bit more upscale than the others I've mentioned which are all casual. I just read a story touting Lincoln Park as being something of a food mecca. 'The next Montclair' ... which will mean more if you're aware of Montclair, of course. Not far, about a mile, from the Wanaque exit, Left at the exit light and left at the next light, in the A& P mall is Amazing Grapes, which is a nice casual little wine bar in the back of a wine store. Good for a glass of wine or a micro-brew, you can order in from Frank's Pizza next door, which makes more than passable (as you might expect) italian dishes. A waitress will come to take your order and deliver the food to the bar for you with plates, silverware etc. It's been very good the two times I've tried it.

              1. re: DrewEck

                Two things....

                Are you sure you are not confusing Lincoln Park with Little Falls? There was an article in the food section of The Record on 10/29 with reference to the "Next Montclair"......


                The New York Style that Roxanne's in Mahwah? If so, they do not use a Coal Oven...It made to look like one, but it is gas fired......personally I prefer Roxanne's over Kinchley's.

                1. re: fourunder

                  The story was actually in the Herald News, the Passaic County paper. But that struck me as an odd sentence. I've actually never heard anyone call Little Falls "the next Montclair." The newer restaurants are more sophisticated than the ones they replaced, sure, but ... well, it's not Montclair, nor should it try to be.

                  And another vote for Roxanne's here, for both pizza and the atmosphere. And they accept credit cards, unlike Kinchley's.

                  1. re: fourunder

                    Seems like, yes, I was confusing L.P. and L.F.. Sorry for any confusion. Also right in that I was trying to think of Roxanne's. However, I didn't say that they use a coal oven, just that their pies were more in the style of Brooklyn Coal Oven, Patsy's, Grimaldi's etc. My one beef against Roxanne's is that a pizza place should never have valet parking!

                    1. re: DrewEck

                      My one beef against Roxanne's is that a pizza place should never have valet parking!


                      Being a Jersey Boy, I would frequent both Grimaldi's and Patsy's more and on regular occasion if they did have Valet Parking....

                      As for the Valet Parking at Roxanne's, I am in partial agreement with you, but In this case I believe that Valet service is for the Weekends Evening's only...i.e., Friday Night, Saturday Night and possibly Sunday Night. Given the popularity of the place and the limited parking, valet service is a better option than parking across the street in the shopping center....especially for the elderly and if you have kids.....which are both a big mix of the crowd that frequents Roxanne's.