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Oct 25, 2008 05:42 AM

cheese and wine store close to strip?

Going to Vegas for Halloween. staying at Bellagio. wondering is there anywhere close where we can by some good wine cheese etc. to keep in the room for quik pre dinner fix

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  1. close as in walking distance ? give some examples of what you are looking for . there is a wine shop at jones / tropicana - i've been there twice but i can't remember if they have a cheese selection, - i'll jog by there today and take a peek. also in that shopping center is a fresh and easy - they have wines and cheeses. Trader joe's is at decatur and hmmmm i think near sahara. my guess all are about a $10-15 taxi ride from bellagio

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      Sure a short cab ride is fine all sound like someplace we can get decent wine and something to go with it. Thanks alot for the info

    2. I'm sorry that I don't know a shop very near to the strip...but the best one close to the strip (just a couple miles over in Henderson) is Valley Cheese and Wine. They can't be beat. It may be a bit of a longer cab ride but worth the trip.