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Swanson STOCK, not broth: has anyone tried it?

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I've seen the ads, liked the idea, but wonder if anyone else has tried Swanson beef or chicken stock, as opposed to their broth.

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  1. It has a deep rich chicken flavor. Very good. Definitely a distinct product from regular broth.

    1. Richer flavor than the broth (which you might expect) and I've found it to work rather nicely in my recipes.

      1. I found it to be rather salty.

        1. I tried Swanson's chicken stock and felt it had sort of an odd, almost dusty flavor. I don't plan on buying it again even though it's the easiest brand to find.

          I have become a loyal user of Kitchen Basics' stocks.

          1. I tried it. I tasted it straight up, and it does have a better flavor than the swansons "broth", in my opinion. It seems to have roughly the same salt level as the broth (Sorry, I dont know the exact sodium levels to compare). The salt level can be a probllem if your recipe calls for reducing the stock much.

            Kitchen basics is better if you want to reduce it much.... they also now have a no added salt version that is excellent for allowing you to control the salt level and has a pretty good chicken flavor.

            I still love homemade the best though :-)