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Oct 25, 2008 02:51 AM

Birthday dinner Baton Rouge near Marriott

prefer walkable, upscale and yummy
any ideas?
Thanks, Ausbobbie

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  1. The best, non-chain, place around there is Mansour's. It is one of the better high end places in town

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    1. re: frankiii

      Get a cab and go about a mile and a half down Corporate Blvd. and go to Portobellos or go to Jubans on Acadian Thruway. Either are worth the cab ride. The Marriott should have a shuttle that will take you if you ask. Portobellos is not as upscale as Jubans but I like it better than Mansurs. Jubans has Hallelujah crab and fabulous atmosphere. Portobellos has wonderful food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices.

    2. thanks for the ideas!