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Oct 25, 2008 01:35 AM

Burmese in HK ? if not, Thai? Taishan?

Hello there,
I've been here 2 months now out of 9, and the food quests are going fairly well, though i need to find more like-minded individuals.
One thing I was recently craving was Burmese food. I miss Larkin Express Deli in San Francisco.
Anyone have any tips for Burmese in Hong Kong? the only thing i found online was an article saying the only Burmese restaurant just closed in September.

if all else fails, does anyone have a particular recommendation for cheap thai?
i've been to a few places in Kowloon City, and had a case of food poisoning as a result. but i'm still willing, to try more of the local small thai places. being a student without an income i still need to keep things on a budget.

For a possible splurge, another thing i miss is the Taishan yellow eel steam baskets. instead of the clay pot rice version, its served wrapped in leaves in a bamboo steamer.

Thank you for any tips!

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  1. sorry to hear of the poisoning, but glad it didn't sour your appetite for more Kowloon City food...i had a great Thai meal in KC though i can't remember the name or specific street...i went to KC specifically looking to eat sticky rice, somdam, and other Isaan or Chiang Mai dishes...i asked (in Thai) at a few places but most were only serving BKK style and/or Chinese-Thai dishes...but finally a woman in one of them actually walked me a couple alleys over to a tiny place that not only made a great somdam but also had gaeng-hang-lay (tender stewed pork w/ ginger) which might be perfect for your needs since it's a Burmese-Thai dish...

    i seem to remember that the restaurant sign read something-Noodle shop on the outside, even though most of the dishes on the steamtable were not noodle dishes...it's on one of the more eastern n/s streets (the second from the end?) and it's on the west side of that street., like a half block down from the park..sorry to be so vague, but if you ask around for a place that does Isaan and Chiang Mai food, you may find it, as it seems to be the only one (none of the others seemed to even have sticky rice, aka "khao-nio", so ask for that you might find it)...

    "Phom yaak gin ahaan-Isaan ru ahaan-Chiang Mai, krap" is "i want to eat Isaan or Chiang Mai food"..."Ruu-jak raan-ahaan-Isaan glai-glai tii-ni, krap?" is "do you know of an Isaan restaurant near here?"...(that is the way you'd ask those questions if you are a guy...if female, substitute "Chan" for "Phom" and substitute "kaah" for "krap"

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      Thank you for the tip. I'm definitely in favor of stewed meat and ginger, so that sounds perfect. I think i might know which place you are talking about, not a whole lot of the Thai places say "noodle" on the outside. At least not in English.

      And I haven't found Taishan food, but i did have a great clap pot (sausage/preserved meat) meal in Sheung Wan the other night. Near the "haunted" police station on Des Voeux Road west (extremely bright, yellow sign). Thank goodness for local friends, as on my budget I often have to stick to the no-english-menu locations.

      1. re: kairo

        in case anyone else is interested, I spoke with a Burmese professor at my university, and he confirmed that there used to be one Burmese restaurant in Hong Kong, but it is no longer in business.
        Darn shame.
        I was really expecting to get some really good south-east asian food while i was here.
        but it appears that it is better in san francisco/bayarea.

        1. re: kairo

          The only Burmese place I ever heard of was Rangoon, in Causeway Bay. And yes, it's closed.

          You're in China. Hong Kong's population is 95% Chinese, the vast majority of whom are Cantonese and are not big fans of spicy food. So you shouldn't be particularly surprised that HK isn't as good for Burmese or SE Asian food as the very multi-cultural Bay Area, which has about a 25% immigrant population, including 20,000 Burmese.

          On the other hand, if you like Cantonese food...

          1. re: HKDave

            Ah, I am not up to par with my Hong Kong demographics. I would have assumed that out of the 7 million people living here, due to relative proximity, there would be a larger South East Asian population living in Hong Kong than California. It appears I was incorrect.
            Thank you for the suggestion in Macau.
            I did notice the other day in Aberdeen there was a sign for a "Myanmar Thai" ... i don't know if they are just trying to be "colorful", or if possibly they have a connection to Burma that might show up in the food.
            I will try it out someday, (if no one else has anything to comment), and report back.

          2. re: kairo

            While HK might be a wasteland for Burmese dining, tiny Macau has several options.
            The only one I've heard anything about is Nga Heong, and what I hear is good. I'm in Macau at the moment but probably won't have time to try it.