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Oct 24, 2008 10:55 PM

[London] A success in SW1

My wife and sons (11 & 15) are in London for the last bit of half term break, and, after great meals at Pizza Pomodoro on Thurs evening and Simpsons (Cornhill) for lunch yesterday, I was detailed to remove them and take them somewhere for supper last night (a Friday).

Our first stab was Belgo Cov. Gdn. but forget it. Dozens of people in the entrance bit, hundreds milling about outside and at least 30 mins wait. We were not booked and I guessed they'd be busy (pleased for them), but we left them to it.

Next up was Ishbilia off Lowndes Sq. which was fully booked and couldn't help. No mayhem here though.

As a final resort we walked the 200m to Harvey Nichols and sat at the Yo Sushi! conveyor belt. Now, I expect that experts might be a bit sniffy, but we had a terrific feed. Lovely food. My sons are eating machines and came away having loved it. Me too, especially as the bill was way under £20 a head (just 1large beer for Dad, unlimited free fizzy water for kids).

We will return.

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  1. Not a bad place by any means, though the best thing on the menu (the takoyaki) seems to have been dropped unfortunately.

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    1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

      I found the takoyaki at yo sushi pretty horrid when i tried it. Not sure how they make it but it might even been frozen and microwaved!..

      I think yo sushi serves it's purpose, and it's fun for kids. However, if you want similar priced sushi which in my opinion is much better (ie the rice is far less claggy and made by hand rather than by a machine), go to kulu kulu in brewer street... Still the best kaiten sushi i've come across for the price.

      1. re: foreignmuck

        It's the best takoyaki I've had here - the crispyness added lots to it that versions from Brick Lane on a Sunday and Asakusa in Camden lack. Where would you recommend for takoyaki in London?

        1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

          To be honest, im not sure where to get good takoyaki in London.If anyone knows please let me know!

          My benchmark though is the takyoyaki from where I grew up in Osaka (the home of Takoyaki) and for me it is the ultimate street food. They shoud be slightly soggy, but chewy on the outside, and almost creamy on the inside, with the flavour sensations of the takyoyaki sauce, kewpie mayo, katsuobushi and green nori on top.

          1. re: foreignmuck

            Have you tried the stalls in Brick Lane? There are two, I believe, that serve takoyaki. The three Japanese places I've been waiting to try that might be good takoyaki joints are Aki on Gray's Inn Road, Donzoko in Soho, and Asakusa in Mornington Crescent.

            1. re: kristainlondon

              I wasn't so impressed by the takoyaki in Brick Lane or Asakusa (which I have tried about five times now and always come away disappointed).

              Aki was next on my list to try.